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The Romance Reviews

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Seven Days of Paranormal Delight- Day Seven, Taken by Leanore Elliott

Welcome our last day of this very special edition I am running on my blog this week. This collection is sure to warm up your cold nights as these authors offer up men so hot they will make you burn for more. 

For seven days I will be treating you to seven paragraphs from the seven writers of When the Night Comes. The anthology is available for a limited time on Amazon for only .99 cents so get your e-book today or you can buy the paperback for $13.31.  

Now here is a taste of Taken, the seventh book in the anthology

“Please,” Susie pleaded. Though, she could not define why she begged, this wave of euphoria hit her like a maelstrom, every nerve ending, every cell in her reveled in it and surged with pure exhilaration. She felt high, higher than ever in her life. If he did anything more to her body, she felt may just flash upward, hit the ceiling and shatter to a million tiny pieces of glorious satisfaction.
Hex breathed out with a hiss as her sheath clenched his hard length. His actions showing that she wasn’t the only one on this wicked, wanton ride into a hedonistic heaven. He grasped her face again and gazed into her eyes. His blue orbs were all fire now, intense, dark with passion, full of more than just magic. His feeling for her was right there, palatable while burning straight through to her.
Susie stared back while she trembled from head to toe…all of this feeling and sensation stunned her beyond comprehension. She never knew sex or love could be such a wondrous gift. She became lost…utterly lost in a burning gaze. His eyes reached into her then, as no other human ever did before. Like his body just did and his mind too. Never, had her power of sight reacted like this, leaving just her—her feeling, her need, centered all on him. For the first time ever, she had introspect, into her own self! It was almost frightening in its strength and centered pull. Though a new, yet allusive power rushed through her like some primordial wind, lashing its way to her inner soul. It was his feeling for her, she realized with even more shock.
Her mind suddenly lit up with a litany of his words, telling her how he worshipped her, how she made him feel alive, gave him a reason to be alive. How just her smile could light his days forever. Wipe away the dark rage, weave a new lining of hope through his soul. His tender words even changed to Latin, then to French and they poured out faster than she could even take them in. Much like the moves he just made on her body, imprinting her with the very essence of him.
Susie never felt such love, such a blazing bond with another—she was his, right then and there. She knew that even if he went away, never to return…there would be no one else.

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