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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Seven Days of Paranormal Delight- Day Six, His Druid Lover byTrish F.Leger

Welcome day six of this special edition I am running on my blog this week. This collection is sure to warm up your cold nights as these authors offer up men so hot they will make you burn for more. 

For seven days I will be treating you to seven paragraphs from the seven writers of When the Night Comes. The anthology is available for a limited time on Amazon for only .99 cents so get your e-book today or you can buy the paperback for $13.31.  

Now here is a taste of His Druid Lover, the sixth book in the anthology

This was not a pretty kiss, nothing in this screamed soft. But Eloise was loving every second of it. She loved how his mouth ate at hers, his tongue slipping over every bow and dip of her lips, as if he were mapping every detail for later dissection. She loved how he was the aggressor, a role she’d always imagined him in. She also loved the little growls in the back of his throat that he obviously could not contain. Especially when her tongue touched his. He seemed to explode, and so did the kiss.

A fairly primal growl echoed between them. And something triggered inside of Eloise when she heard that, along with his hand slipping down to cover her ass.

She felt her teeth began to burn, to lengthen. Her eyes began to heat. And the one thing he had no clue about was about to come out for him to see.
She broke apart from him. Hating to do so, but not seeing another way around it. For a second she hung her head down, allowing her senses to catch up, and her body to feel that she wasn’t the only one turned on by that kiss. His hardness was prodding her belly.

“You okay?”

It was whispered against her forehead, and she nodded, but didn’t trust herself to look up yet. She just continued to stare at the front of his dress slacks, wondering what he would do if she dropped to her knees right now to worship that part of him that was standing at attention so proudly before her.

“Well, I’m not. I feel like I’ve just been blindsided.”

She couldn’t help but respond to that. “Why?” Curious as to what he would say.

He chuckled slightly. “That was a kiss to end all kisses. I think I’m a changed man. And it only took your mouth on mine to do it.”

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