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Friday, August 5, 2016

Books Worth Your Bucks-Hunter Undone by Eden Ashe

This week's offering is Hunter Undone by Eden Ashe.
This is the first book in her Hunters of Willow Creek and a delightful story.

A psychic gypsy. 
A demon hunter living in the shadows. 

Tyler Wade’s entire life revolves around hunting down and killing the things that go bump in the night. 

Shay Evernight embraces everything Tyler fights against. She talks to ghosts, she has terrifying visions of his future, and she’s determined to help Tyler's mother. His long-dead mother.

When the truth of his mother’s disappearance comes to light, demons start popping up around town, and Shay’s visions get more terrifying. Can two people who have spent their lives in the shadows of their secrets come into the light together as war clouds gather?

Tyler Wade is everything dark, dangerous and broody with a huge side of gorgeous. He is shaped and scarred by a past he had no control over. The fact he is back at Willow Creek, where his nightmare began does not make him the least bit receptive to a black haired beauty who has dragged him back to his own personal hell on earth.

Shay Evernight, is a psychic with the ability to speak to the dead, in particular, Tyler's dead mother. She also has prophetic visions which always come true. Living in Willow Creek where the Evernight name is synonymous with bilking good people out of money, it is no wonder she longs to leave the small town. 

When the two meet, of course sparks fly, and all the pent up frustration and animosity Tyler had kept buried for over twenty years bursts from his iron control. Seeking to unravel the mystery behind his mother's disappearance, along with several other women, Tyler and Shay must work together.

Not as bad a thing when the explore the attraction which keeps them glued to each other. Shay's visions turn dangerous as demons start popping up with Shay their target. To save the people Shay loves the two need to work out a plan and fast!

   Tyler and Shay put everything on the line, including their future, in a desperate race against time.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I will definitely read more from this author.

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