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Monday, August 22, 2016

Pick Me Up Monday-Coffee and a Teaser

Oh yes!

Thank the java god for this yummy goodness. True I also enjoy a good tea, but in the mornings there is nothing that perks me up quite like a good cup of coffee.

With my release coming next month I thought it would be nice to share a teaser with you. So grab your favorite mug full of coffee and enjoy.

The Hunter: a Novella of the Guild of Assassins 

Chained though no links of heavy metal impeded his movements. No shackles cut into his wrists or ankles, but he was trapped all the same. Only these restraints were far stronger than anything of this earth.
Nothing could set him free of the beholden vow.
Taren watched. Waited. Plotted. A low throbbing pulse, much like a heartbeat, came from the dual brandings on his shoulder blades. On one side was a wing symbolizing Isis and, on the other, a cat’s paw for Bast. As if he needed an unending reminder of his status. As if he could ever forget the day he was forced to utter those hateful words. The day, fifteen years ago, which had brought him to his knees, stripped him of his pride and social standing as Infernal—a demon free of any vow—of everything he was.
But it saved Natilla.
A dark familiar voice whispered the thought through his mind. The reason for his sacrifice filled him with grim resignation. Yes, for Natilla, he’d suffered—would continue to do so—to give her a life free of the hell he existed in. He prayed his sister found happiness with a loving, devoted man and a large kith to protect her. A kith of family members always held high importance in his culture, each member taking on the task to teach the younglings and to aid the elders when they grew too weak to help themselves. As the eldest sibling, and head of his kith Taren had given his sister the only thing in his power to give.
His time, though, was near. The sound of several feet crunching over the graveled walkway, alerted him to the Polariate’s arrival. The door opened without a knock. Why would she knock? He was only a lowly Enfertiti, barely higher than a beast in the eyes of the Guild of Isis.
Two guild assassins stepped through the door, one fair-haired, the other dark. Both dressed in unrelieved black slacks and matching tunics, their features were as cold and emotionless as granite. Both held wickedly curved knives in their hands, a promise of pain to come. Taren tensed, ready for an attack. His body flooded with adrenaline, his gaze never wavering from the females. He relished any opening to inflict pain on his captors. Only the sudden appearance of the Polariate dropped his aggression a notch, yet he remained tense, ready for any threatening move.
The Polariate moved into the room with the grace of a dancer, swathed in diaphanous silk robes the color of golden sunshine. Her dark hair spilled loose around her shoulders in a mass of shiny curls. She was positively stunning, yet it was her eyes, a piercing blue of arctic ice which gave him pause. Her gaze held an ancient wisdom belying the look of youth she wore.
Her lips twisted into a grimace of distaste, a flash of loathing passing through those arresting eyes. He schooled his features into a mask as devoid of emotion as the assassins at her side, yet his mind raced, his heart beating hard He was highly aware of the significance of the Polariate’s visit.
Aegis Doreen, his keeper, would never come home again, and soon, Taren would follow in her stead.
For when a keeper died, his or her vow was nullified, thus restoring him to his Infernal status once again. If the vow was one broken by a sudden death of the keeper…in his case?
It was complicated.
Besides, a free demon was a dead demon if the Guild of Isis had anything to say about it.
“You are Taren, is that correct?” The Polariate’s question pulled Taren back from his musings.
“Answer the Polariate, animal.” The blonde assassin snapped, her voice slicing blade sharp.
“I wish a moment alone with Taren,” the Polariate said.
“This is highly irregular,” the assassin argued.
“Do not make me repeat my request.” Steel beneath silk filtered through the Polariate’s tone, grating against Taren’s skin as her power saturated the air between them. He gritted his teeth against the sudden urge to wrap his hands around the smooth column of the Polariate’s throat and squeeze until he heard the sound of breaking bones.
“Yes, Polariate.” The blonde bowed low and followed her fellow assassin out. The door closed, leaving him standing in brittle silence.

I hope you enjoyed the tease I will be announcing the release here in just about a week so check back. 
And as always, have an awesome week ahead.

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