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Monday, August 15, 2016

Pick Me Up Monday-Cover Reveal

Yep Thats right, I have my cover for my novella,
The Hunted- Guild of Assassins 


A druid sworn to protect and nurture.
Leigh Simon, a druidic healer lives a peaceful existence among her nomadic tribe, known for their expertise in the healing arts and communion with the earth. Until her life is unexpectedly turned upside down with the death of a mother who abandoned her as an infant. Leigh is now heir to her mother’s worldly possessions, including one dark and brooding demon.
A demon sworn to revenge.
Taren’s rage against all witches is all that keeps him going. Forced into the beholden vow magically binding him to the witches’ guild of assassins, he bides his time until the vow is fulfilled and the hated beholden is broken. The key to his freedom comes in the form of one curvaceous female who knows nothing of the violence, hatred and fear his kind live with.
A hunt to the death.
Leigh is shocked at the brutality Taren endures at the hands of the Isis Guild of Assassins. The only way to right the wrong is to enter an antiquated and brutal challenge called The Hunt. Only twenty-four hours is all they need to evade the deadly hunters and they are home free.
Nothing is that easy. Add the complication of falling hard for a scarred and untrusting demon, the need to survive just got steeper. For now, Leigh is not just fighting for Taren’s freedom, but for a life with the beguiling demon. 

Coming in September

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