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The Romance Reviews

Friday, August 19, 2016

Books Worth Your Bucks-My Highlander Cover Model by Karyn Gerrard

This weeks offering is a delightful read from Karyn Gerrard. She puts a fresh face on the Highlander Romance, adding time travel, more than a bite of humor and a delightful twist I never saw coming. 
Her zipper scene is worth a read or two and had me laughing out loud. She truly breathes fresh air to this particular theme. 

Skye Bancroft, assistant art director at a small New York publisher, is used to dealing with the occasional spoiled and egocentric model. After all, it’s part of her job description. But during a photoshoot, she didn’t count on one to become so delusional as to think himself a Highlander from 1814 Scotland. 

Cailin Thorburn is every woman’s dream: A warrior who is fierce, passionate, and protective. Rendered unconscious during battle, he awakens in another place, time, and in another man’s body. Could this all be a dream? Convincing the bonnie lass, Skye, that he is Cailin is a daunting task. 

Regardless of his strange time travel story and sexy Scottish burr, believing this extraordinary man is from another era becomes hard to deny. The attraction between them sizzles and Skye is left to wonder: Is Cailin truly as he claims? 

This is a quick read coming in at 92 pages and is only .99 right now through Amazon. Just click on the link below.

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