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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dark Breeds: Building the Dark Breed World

Several months ago I was asked to explain how I went about bringing the Dark Breed world to life. I had enough readers interested that I thought this would be a good time to re-visit that post and bring it home in case you didn't get a chance to catch it. My world is evolving with each and every book I write, but the spark of it's existence and how it all cam about is here in this post. Hope you enjoy it.

World Building and the Dark Breeds

Take a dose of old Las Vegas, near the Fremont Experience, add a liberal helping of all the legends we’ve grown up reading. Then just for giggles threaten to expose their existence to the world. What do you get?
       A whole lot of trouble.
When I built my Dark Breed world I wanted it to be mirror to that of our own. Since the heroine of the story, Tambra Ellis, is a Metro beat cop it only stood to reason that Marcus Valerian, a two-thousand year old vampire, would be a cop for his kind as well. Giving them a common bond in a uncommon situation. As an Enforcer, Marcus and his men uphold the laws given to them by a group of twelve Dark Breeds called The Tribunal. The Enforcers are judge, jury and executioner of any Breed who steps over the line.
     Next I researched all the stories I grew up with. Legends like the New Jersey Devil, mythology, from Greece, Rome and Celtic. Then I researched fairy tales from all over the world, personally, Grimm Fairy Tales are my favorite. From these came the Dark Breeds. The idea of living a day to day life within the human world and all the while mankind is totally unaware of them was appealing.
       Much like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You never know if the wolf will show his true colors and bite someone’s head off. Literally!
       I knew I would set the Dark Breeds headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since I live here what better place to use than one I’m familiar with. It also helps when Vegas is a favorite hot spot for millions of people. A friend asked me why place vampires in a location that averages around 300 days of sunshine per year? The answer was very simple.
Vegas never sleeps. The night brings out the unusual, uninhibited and goes 24/7. A vampire can live in comfort and feed with relative ease here. As one of my vampire Enforcers Christophe would say, ‘This city is a variable smorgasbord of tastes. You can sample to your hearts delight and never sip from the same vein twice.’
When working on my Dark Breed world I wanted something different for my vampires. No, they don’t sparkle, but they can and often do go out in sunlight. There are several drawbacks though which makes them prefer the night. One, they are as weak as a human with no vampiric speed, accelerated healing ability nor can they tap into any psychic talent. Second, they battle constant lethargy. The younger a vampire the more difficult for them to keep awake. Not a good thing when you have bad guys wanting your head. Again literally, since it is the best way to kill a vampire. So in a nutshell, when it comes to my world, night is still the vampire’s best time.
I also introduce several other Breeds and some are represented within the Enforcer team. The second most intriguing would be the Lycan. Not your standard werewolf, Lycans are born and called Pure Bloods. Sadly they are facing extinction. Their Leader Temple Fox will do whatever it takes to find a Pure Blood mate to secure the bloodline.
Yeah, he’s one of the bad guys.
Weres are humans who once bitten are at the mercy of the moons phases. Control is next to impossible for Weres and one reason so many loose themselves in blood lust and turn feral. Unfortunately for the Enforcers not only Weres are losing control and indiscriminately killing anything in sight. Many other Breeds are crossing the line and becoming feral. 
     Exposing them to the world would bring out the worst and best in humanity. But what would happen if the betrayal came from one of their own? How would the Dark Breeds come to grips with their laws gone, their leaders wiped out?
    But that’s the next story as the world building goes on.

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