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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Special Spotlight Presents Sara Daniels

Welcome to my corner of the Blogosphere Sara, I'm so pleased you could make it and fill us in on your latest release. It sound like a great one to me and I'm tickled to have you bring this great story to me and my readers.

A Man Worth Fighting For

He has nothing left to offer. She's determined to show him just how much he's worth.

Shot by a member of his military team, Justin Lawson retreats to the Wiccan Haus. Holly Walters refuses to accept her boyfriend's out-of-the-blue rejection without an explanation, even if getting the answers forces her to be trapped on a bizarre island for an entire week. She's going to use every minute to work Justin out of her system once and for all. Justin's body and spirit begin to heal under Holly's loving ministrations. As she talks about never seeing each other again, he realizes he never wants to let her go. But the rogue assassin who had gone after Justin before is after him again. Before he can fight to make Holly believe in their love, he'll have to fight for both their lives.


“How did you hurt your knee?” Holly asked.

“Occupational hazard,” Justin muttered.

That wasn’t very comforting, considering he was in the military and always going off on missions that he couldn’t give her any details about. “Did you fall and break it?”

“Bullet shattered it.” His words were clipped.

She flinched, wanting desperately to reach for him, hating to think of the pain he’d been in, the pain she’d known nothing about. “And how long before or after this happened did you send me an eight word break-up text?”

“About seventy-two hours after.”

She immediately knew she’d been right not to take his text at face value. The self-destruction of a client and the week of lost work were worth it. She’d needed this explanation. More than that, it proved there was still hope for them. “So you conceivably could have still been under the effects of anesthesia.”

“I wasn’t.”

“But you were on pain medication for sure.”

“Don’t make excuses for me. I was an ass. I broke up with you, and you deserve better.”

The Wiccan Haus: A Man Worth Fighting For

Do you do anything to get you into the zone to write?
Coffee, reheat coffee, coffee, reheat, repeat. Oh, and I listen to Alan Jackson’s To Do What I Do. His perspective as a singer/songwriter mirrors mine as an author, and he perfectly captures why I “do what I do.”

Which authors inspire your writing?
Nora Roberts was an inspiration to me when I was starting out. I had no idea she was an icon in the romance industry. At the time, I thought I could be just like her! After I joined RWA, the authors in my local chapter guided me through the craft of writing and the business of publishing. Blythe Gifford, Jennifer Stevenson, Pat White, Simone Elkeles, and Marilyn Brant are some of the authors I am particularly grateful to for sharing their knowledge and advice.

What is your favorite book, character and why?
My all-time favorite hero is Kenny Karmody from Suzanne Brockmann’s Out of Control. That mix of sweet, vulnerable, tough, fearless, and irreverent made me fall head-over-heels in love. Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ First Lady is probably my all-time favorite book because every single character captivated me on every single page. When I finished that book for the first time, I turned to page one and immediately started reading it again.

Do you prefer to write erotic or sweet?
I usually find myself writing somewhere in the middle, but I’m honestly drawn to both ends of the spectrum. It depends on the story and the characters.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself doing what I’m doing now, sitting in front of my computer, dreaming up stories for readers to enjoy. I love my job!

Finish this sentence: I know I’ve made it when_______________?
I’m beginning to accept that authors are all reaching for the next step and most of the time we’re never going to feel like we’ve made it. But if I were to win a Lifetime Achievement Award from RWA or a Career Achievement Award from RT or something similar, I think I would feel like I have legitimately made it in this industry.

What advice would you give aspiring writers?
Write, write, write. Before you can have a best-selling novel, you have to finish writing it. And don't forget to keep reading.

What do you see yourself writing in the future?
I love writing contemporary romance, so I think I’ll always return to that. I just ventured into paranormal with A Man Worth Fighting For, so I definitely want to write more there. As my alter ego Sara Shafer, I’ve been playing with some middle grade stories about quirky squirrels and about boys going auto racing. Ultimately, I love telling stories about love, family and happily ever after, regardless of genre.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
I would love to make the magical Wiccan Haus shared world (that A Man Worth Fighting For is set in) real, so I could literally be a part of it. The characters of the Wiccan Haus are a fun, quirky cast. I fell in love with each one, and I would love to spend a week on their island, letting them work their magic on me.

What time of the day are you at your best to write?
I tend to write best in the late morning and early afternoon. First thing in the morning, I’m catching up on email, running errands, and easily distracted by the Internet. But then I settle in and focus until my family comes home and interrupts my quiet house.

And now for something completely different…

What do you look at first with an attractive man or woman, face, body or smile?
I have to say, the face really draws me in, especially if it’s a tough-looking guy with sculpted cheekbones. *melt*

Explain your perfect day.
A perfect day would start with a morning stroll along the beach, hours writing where the story is really flowing, a nice long hike in the woods, more hours of writing, and then capped off with a sunset walk along the beach with my hubby. Unfortunately, I live in a landlocked suburb where both beaches and solitary walks in nature are hard to come by, but when I get the chance, I really soak up those moments and let them nurture my creativity.

What is the most decadent desert you can’t say no to?
I never pass up a chance for tiramisu or cannoli, and choosing between them is almost impossible. I’m a sucker for a really decadent dark chocolate too, but dark chocolate is healthy, right???

Do you have a favorite holiday? What is it and what makes it special to you?
I have to go very traditional here and say Christmas. I love sitting with my family in the glow of the Christmas tree lights, soaking up the excitement, togetherness and love of the season.

What key words describe you best?
Hopeful, sincere, reliable. This what readers can expect from a Sara Daniel story, and this is the reputation I hope I’ve developed with my editor, publishing staff, and other industry professionals.
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  1. Great interview! I LOVED this book and the whole Wiccan Haus series! (though only 2 books so far)
    I agree with Sara and would love for the characters and island to be real. I could use some R&R. Sexy paras around just adds to the appeal. ;)
    Thank you for sharing, Sara and thanks to Shannan for having you.

  2. I haven't read this one yet, but I read the first book in the series and fell in love with it. I love the whole concept of this series. I will be reading this one for sure
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  3. Thanks, Tina and Mel, for stopping by. <3

  4. A great excerpt and interview. I'm definitely getting these books.

  5. Great interview. Interesting story concept. This series sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read them.