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The Romance Reviews

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pick Me Up Monday

Happy Monday!

Another workweek  begins and the hectic race to meet deadlines and juggle the day job continues. With my ever growing pile of work to be done, and it's only January, I believe it's time to start prioritizing my projects. Easier said than done with my muse yammering away in directions I'm not ready to tread yet. Such is the life for a writer. It will be interesting to see which of my WIPs will get finished first, all the while I'm taking notes on other stories as they crop up at the most unusual times. in between a movie, a bubble bath (my guilty pleasure), or even in the middle of a conference call at work. So, here is what I have on my list of priorities at this time, of course it may change next week, but for now, it's good to go.
1-Finish up my last edits on The Kings Lady and give to my editor by Friday
2- Finish draft of historical dragon shifter novella
3-Begin rough draft of Dark Desire: A Dark Breed Novel
4-Begin rough draft of Fourth Dark Breed Novel
5-Finish the Summoning and final edits by March.
6-Finish research on historical time travel
7-Outline for historical time travel and reincarnation story.
8-Start work on the Cast Wars series.

Alright, with a full time job it may be a bit much I'll admit, but number seven and eight will more than likely push into next year. So I have my goal of two Dark Breed novels, the first book in the Rise of the Sentinels series and two novella's to do this year.

Whew, eyes crossing and wondering how long I can go without sleep. Lol!
I also must add in a Romcon Convention and Hot Mojave Knights. I've cut my travels down this year so it should make things a bit easier.

Hopefully being the key word here.

Don't forget to check out my WIP Wednesday and I have another Blog Hop coming up starting on Saturday January 19th so be sure to pencil me in next weekend and see what I have going.

Have a wonderful week all.

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