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The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP Wednesday - The Kings Lady Book Cover Reveal

Welcome to another installment of WIP Wednesday's.
Things come to a head between Arthur and Gwen as they face off, dealing with their painful past.

He looked so confused at that moment her heart nearly broke in two. It took everything she had not to go and soothe him. No, bad idea, he can’t give you what you want, and it would only lead to more heartache. The voice of reason broke through, thank the goddess.
“That’s the problem. You never will because it’s not in your makeup.” The longing in her voice brought her up short. The truth in her words slamming her upside the head as pain radiated through her chest where her torn and bloody heart did a thump – sputter –thump.
“Please leave, I can’t…we can’t…just go.” She stuttered, horrified to find her cheeks wet with tears.
He moved slowly toward her as if she were a cornered animal, hands up in a gesture of ‘look, I’m harmless’. But she knew, just as a rabbit viewed a wolf, how dangerous he truly was.
If she let him in, allowed her feelings to grow there would be no coming back from it if he did the same bullshit to her again.
And she refused to risk living through all the hell her grief and guilt, the endless loop which, for some reason, she now found herself free of.
The magic surged through her a living current tingling up her arms and into the palm of her hands. Warmth filled her as the power pulsed through her nervous system, throbbing in time to the beat of her heart. She raised her glowing palms toward him and pushed.
The magic hit him square in the chest, throwing him back to crash against the wall, penning him there. Shock registered on his face, a what–the-fuck- is–this, He never saw coming. Brutal satisfaction filled her as she reveled in the power she wielded over him and what that said about her, she didn’t want to contemplate.    
 “You don’t get a say over my life. I have control over what choices I make, not you.” She hissed out between clenched teeth releasing him from the magic.
He went down on his knees with a hard crack as bone met floor a flash of admiration mixed with the wince of pain. “You’ve changed Gwen; you’re tougher, stronger now.”
She would have given him a big fat duh, but what he said sank in and grabbed her with sharp claws. Realization hit her square in the face, because no matter how many times she told herself the same thing it didn’t feel real until Arthur said it.

Arthur Penner is more than happy to aid a lady in need of help, especially if the woman is targeted by his nemesis Vance Hollister. The fact the lady in question turns out to be not only a powerful witch, but a gorgeous red head with a wealth of curves that don’t quit? Even better.
What he isn’t prepared for is the discovery that the woman just happens to be his reincarnated Queen Gwenivere, and worse, she has no memory of who he is.
His well-ordered life is crumbling around him as yet another surprise turns up in the form of his reincarnated sister. It seems the past is swallowing him whole, forcing him to let go of previous betrayals and trust once more.
Gwen McAllister finds herself between a rock and a hard spot. Drawn to the quiet strength and confidence of Arthur. It isn’t until her memories are savagely restored by a vengeful goddess that she realizes who she is and the bitter betrayal she caused. Even her familiar, a mouthy Himalayan named Salt seems to be against her, demanding she trust the very man she destroyed with her life.
A new threat is rising, one which will plunge the world they know into darkness. To defeat an old enemy they must depend on each other and learn to forgive. A tall order and time is running out. Can they let go of the past and embrace the promise of a future or will they lose everything in the ultimate battle between good and evil?

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