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The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Welcome to WIP Wednesday.
This week I offer up another installment of The Kings Lady: Knights of Excalibur
Arthur's first meeting with Gwen turns out to be quite a revelation for him.
The sound of shattering glass broke the peaceful air surrounding the neighborhood. A huge shadow hurtled past him forcing him to duck back to keep from being hit. Drake and Merci moved to his side as they looked at the broken front window and an old recliner that now rested on its side next to the large elm tree. A curse exploded from Drake as he leapt up the steps and kicked in the door, Merci on his heels as they disappeared inside.
Arthur followed, pulling the long buck knife strapped to his ankle, his hand firm around the handle. He stepped into the home ignoring the broken pieces of furniture strewn about the room. His entire focus riveted on the broad back of a tall dark-haired man impeccably dressed and pulsing with enough twisted magic it repelled him to take a step back. Gritting his teeth against the pressure building against his temples, he forced his feet to carry him further into the room, Drake and Merci at his sides their combined magic’s ready to engage. 
Vance swung his head to the side, pinning Arthur with a gaze of pure malice. “I was expecting you to show up much later father. I just thought I would already be gone and the prize with me.”
“You underestimated me yet again Vance.” Arthur drawled, his southern accent becoming more pronounced. “It’s becoming a habit of yours you know?”
“Not this time. This time you underestimated me. Tell your guard dogs to back off, or I’ll kill the witch.”
At his demand, he swung around showing what his big body kept hidden. A blaze of red hair cascaded down her shoulders in a wild tumble of curls framing a heart-shaped face. Thick dark lashes framed large eyes slightly tilted up and dominated her delicate features. Full lush lips parted as she rasped in a breath. Vance’s hand tightened around her throat and lifted her up until she was forced to stand on her toes in order to keep from strangling.
Arthur could only stare in mute silence, stunned and helpless against the pull of those glistening blue eyes the color of the Caribbean Sea. Eyes he hoped he would never again gaze into, for within those sparkling eyes housed the soul of the sole woman he had ever loved. And the one who’s betrayal he could never forgive.
That's it for this week, let me know how you like it and I promise to respond to all your questions.

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