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The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WIP Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday!
I've been thinking about adding a little something extra for a while now and thought you all may enjoy getting some tidbits on my works in progress.
I'm kicking off my new WIP Wednesdays with The Kings Lady: Knights of Excalibur.
 When Gwen McAllister meets Vance Hollister for the first time it's a meeting she will never forget, and one she may not survive.
Perhaps it was the cold calculating  gaze, which swept over her from head to toe leaving her with the familiar sense, she didn’t meet his standards. Or the fact something about him waved a huge red flag with the words “wrong” in big and bold pinged through her mind.
Whatever the cause she couldn’t ignore the soft clang of warning bells sounding off in the back of her mind.
First impressions being of utmost importance –or so her aunt Carlotta always said – this man was sadly lacking in her opinion. Which happened to be the defining reason she stood on the other side of a locked screen, magical bag weapons at the ready.
The soft brush against her ankles drew her attention to a rather large and very demanding familiar. With snowy white fur long and lustrous the Himalayan eyed their unwanted visitor with an air of disdain only a cat could manage.
With a twitch of his whiskered nose, he turned his blue gaze on Gwen. “He smells wrong to me Wen, don’t trust him.”
Now for anyone else the idea of a talking cat would freak the hell right out of them. For Gwen being a witch and all well, not so much. “I couldn’t agree with you more Salt. I just wonder what he really is after.” She agreed on the telepathic link the two shared.
“Miss McAllister, I’m afraid I have rather distressing news that would better be given to you inside.”
Right, fat chance of that happening buddy. She thought as she gave him her sweetest smile. “You can say what you wish from right there Mr. Hollister.”
She had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing at the irritation that sparked in his dark eyes.
“I have news of your Aunt. She charged me to see to your safety.”
The first stirrings of unease settled in her stomach. “What about my Aunt?”
“I’m afraid to say she was murdered yesterday.”
Shock caromed through her at his words making her head buzz and heart lurch painfully in her chest. She had to have misunderstood him. If Carlotta passed she surely would have felt it. Wouldn’t she?
Salt can you sense Lottie?” She sent to her familiar, silently prying to Hecate this nasty man was wrong.
Wen I don’t get anything, but a blank where she should be.”

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