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The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Welcome to another installment of WIP Wednesday.
Here is another snippet from The Kings Lady
Things are heating up between Darius and Simon in a big way.
*Warning - Strong language, hot and bothered hunks with some heavy petting involved. M/M *
Simon nipped at Darius's lips with unrelenting demand and fucking hell his mouth taunted him to the point he forgot why he resisted this. He opened for the thrust of Simon's tongue exploring, tasting and urging.
And as Simon's taste exploded in his mouth he hummed, because god’s damn he tasted as good as he smelled. He met the aggression of the kiss with a fiery passion of his own. His hands rose, fingers digging deep within soft strands of hair to hold him right where he wanted him as he deepened the kiss allowing his walls to crumple around him. His hips ground against the hard budge of Simon’s erection the friction sending a bolt of pleasure down his spine to his throbbing cock.
It was madness, this need, which shot through his system short circuiting every thought but one, to get this male naked and taste what he offered.  He let his hands release Simon’s hair to trail down the strong column of his throat loving the hard muscle of broad shoulders and down the firm chest to a trim waist.  
Simon groaned into his mouth and man, what a fucking turn on that was.
His fingers brushed over the button of his jeans for a brief moment and got a hiss from Simon following a half choked curse. Unable to help it. He let his hand go lower cupping his erection firmly with one hand while the other moved around and down to his taut ass.
Surprisingly, it was Simon to break away. His chest heaved with his harsh breaths as is gaze devoured him with his hunger. “Fuck. Me.” He cursed softly.
And what do you know Darius found he was on board with that. Couldn’t wait to have him in all possible ways. What he wanted for the first time clear as a cut and polished diamond.
See you next week for another installment of WIP Wednesdays.

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