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The Romance Reviews

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Evernight Valentine Snippets Bl0g H0p!

 Love is in the air, and on the blogs listed below! Yep, the best of the Evernight authors are sharing snippets of their best for you the reader. The prizes with be quite unique and there are several rules you will need to follow to be entered. I promise you there are easy ones.
1. Like the Evernight facebook page. Just click on Evernight Publishing Facebook Page
2. I will be asking a question you can easily find on my website at Just leave me your answer with your email addy so I can contact you. What do you win???
I'm giving away a swag bag filled with goodies from my Dark Breed Series, PLUS a $10.00 Amazon gift card.
Told you it would be something delightfully different. Now for the question: On my website what is the the Tag line for the Dark Breed Series? Hint - It's the first thing you see when you hit the Dark Breed Tab under books.
Now for that snippet. This is from Dark Passion Rising, the first book in the series.
She tilted her head up to him and rose on her toes to brush her
lips lightly over his in a chaste kiss that nearly undid him. Of their
own accord his arms enclosed her in a tight embrace, pulling her to
his body as he bent his head and claimed her lips. A groan tore out of
his throat at the feel of her hot core rubbing up against his throbbing
cock through her towel. He ate at her mouth like a man starved, her
taste slid over his tongue like ambrosia. He needed more, needed all of her.
Marcus pulled away only long enough to tear her towel away
from her body and lift her into his arms. She felt perfect against him,
her hard nipples scraping along his chest, her body soft and curved.
He knew he should stop and leave but for the life of him he couldn’t
find it in himself to care.
He laid her down on her bed, her pale body luminescent
against her chocolate colored sheets. Her full breasts rose proudly.
Her nipples, tight, rosy buds, begged for his mouth. Her waist was
tiny, curving enticingly over hips. Long, toned legs parted slightly,
giving him a glimpse of her pink core hidden in blonde curly hair.
Her pale hair spread out over the pillows like spun gold and her heavy
lidded blue eyes watched him hungrily. Lips, red and swollen from
his kisses, beckoned to him with a siren’s smile. All thoughts but one
led his mind as he took in the temptation before him. He had to have
her, couldn’t bear another moment without hearing his name on her lips.
“You’re beautiful, Tambra.” His voice was hushed, filled
with reverence as he moved over her prone form, claiming her mouth
in a searing kiss. “I may be damned for all eternity but I will have
given you this one night of pleasure.”
Enjoy seeing what the other Evernight authors have in store for you and good luck. 

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