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The Romance Reviews

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pick Me Up Monday - Love is in the Air

 Happy Monday!
I love February, and being a romance author this month is especially wonderful. There is something about that first time with a man you are attracted to. The look in his eyes, as if you are the only thing in his universe, and you think this may be "the one" you've waited all you life for.
 The first time his lips touch yours and the pounding of your pulse skyrockets as he stokes that fire deep in your belly. Ah, yes love is definitely in the air!
Each tender embrace, hushed words of endearment open the heart to possibilities.
This month my blog revolves around love with Evernight Valentines day blog hop running from Feb.10 -14th, I'll be on Demon Lovers Books and More on Feb. 12th and chatting with readers that evening starting at 6pm. I'll also be doing a live chat on Feb. 25th on Night Owl Reviews, along with a guest spot on Book Boost that same day where I will be talking about love, romance and my latest release The King's Lady.
Stay tuned for my WIP Wednesday where I will treat you to a small snippet of another story I'm working on.
That's it for this week, until next Monday, have an awesome one.

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