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The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Welcome back to another snippet from my WIP The Summoning: Rise of the Sentinels. Lucian grapples with his stubborn charge, much to his watcher Aeron's amusement.
“Damn the woman! She refuses me at every turn.” His long fingers speared through his hair in frustration. “Perhaps another could make better headway than I. As you are well aware, I had misgivings when you charged me with this undertaking. Women hold little appeal, except to warm my bed. I don’t possess the fortitude or temperament for this undertaking.”

“Though your objection is duly noted, you are still the most qualified for this and you will find a way to get the Veil open. Failure is not an option.”

He sprang from the chair to pace, his body rigid unable to contain his  anger. “Aeron, don’t do this. You ask too much of me, as you well know. Find someone else.”

Aeron sighed, finished his whiskey, and placed it carefully upon the table at his side. “I cannot, for reasons of my own.”

“Damn you to Hell for this!” He ground out between his teeth, clenching his fists at his sides.

“I ‘m already damned, old friend,” Aeron said softly. He saw a shadow of some remembered pain flicker in his eyes immediately replaced by irritation. “Nothing changes. You will continue, we will not have this conversation again, and you will do whatever is necessary to open the Veil and prepare Miss Shaw for the rite to keep it open. There is too much at stake for failure of any kind.” Aeron’s voice resounded with a firm authority that clearly stated he would hear no more objections from him on this.

Lucien’s retort died on his lips in the thickened air around them. A hum of energy filled the space with an aura of urgency. With only a thought he  brought his broadsword to him, strapping it onto his back and securing it, then he strode out the door. His long strides ate up the distance from the hallway to his foyer. A hand caught his arm causing him to pause and glance over his shoulder at Aeron.

“I will see what I can find out on the other side and meet you at the portal.”

Lucien acknowledged his words with a slight nod of his head before Aeron was gone.

Resignation on his part glued him to the task at hand.

He did do his damnedest to refuse, and deep down in his marrow it was obvious he would have difficulty succeeding. Opening the front door, he looked into the darkness, feeling the thrumming energy from the portal.

"It’s time to dance with the Devil,” he muttered under his breath then blended into the darkness.

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