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The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Welcome to my newest installment of WIP Wednesday.
This week I'm giving you a tidbit from my WIP titled The Summoning: Rise of the Sentinels

“Hey, Earth to Cat, you with me?” Janelle’s voice cut through her musings like a hatchet, jerking her to the here and now.

“Sorry, what did you say?” She gave weak smile and sighed.

“You okay?” She frowned, grey eyes darkened with worry.

“Fine.  Let’s get these groceries in the truck, okay?”

A shiver of unease traveled up her spine as she watched Janelle turn toward the grey mass of swirling mist steadily moving their way. It was so thick it obscured everything in its path. Reminding her of a living, voracious beast, it surged forward. Something about it felt wrong, the way it moved seemed too intelligent…purposeful, like it knew where it was going.

“Get to the truck,” Janelle ordered. She reached for her knives palming them in her hands.

Her eyes grew wide with alarm. “What about all these groceries, we can’t just leave them here”

“Screw the groceries,” Janelle bit out through clenched teeth. Her eyes never left the thick swirling mass of fog edging closer to the parking lot.

“Jan, something’s moving in that fog.” Her voice was barely a whisper as fear formed a lump in her throat.

A dark shadow wreathed about within the grey mist.

They watched the shape coalesced within the swirling mist then emerged. Slowly they scurried back, away from the approaching form, their groceries forgotten as they both eyed the truck parked just a few yards from where they stood.

“On the count of three, run like hell. “One... Two... Run!”

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