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The Romance Reviews

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pick Me Up Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!
Wow, how fast the time goes, almost March and closing in on my new release. Whoot!
The King's Lady is the last book in the Knights of Excalibur series and this is one of my favorite stories by far. It always irritated me how Mallory depicted Guenevere. I wanted to know what drove her into the arms of another man?

In this book I can give reasons why she did what she did, how Lancelot really felt, and what Arthur's part in the betrayal may have been. There is more than one point of view and in most books I've read they tell Arthur and Lancelot's, not hers.

As soon as I get finished with these final edits it's off to you, the readers. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Now on to my other projects. I have a Dark Breed short story almost finished called Dark Hunter. This is Mari's story. She owns and runs The Asp. There is a special little surprise for you I added at the end where you can get a glimpse in the direction I'm taking with future books. Right after that I have another short story, this is an untitled paranormal historical set the thirteenth century Britain.
Then it's Zeke's book Dark Desire followed by Cody's story, which is untitled at this moment. Of course I also what The Summoning:Rise of the Sentinels coming and will have more on that later this year.
Well, better get back to work, my muse is calling and has some information on Zeke I need to attend to. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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