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The Romance Reviews

Monday, February 18, 2013

Pick Me Up Monday- Primal Attraction

Happy Monday all!
Valentine's may be over but the love still continues all month here on my blog. Being a romance writer it's a given my books revolve around the life changing emotion, whether for good or ill all of us has fallen under cupids arrow's.
What makes up this combustible attraction between two people when they first meet? The heart pounding, dry mouth stutter when you are close to him. His scent, mannerisms and even his voice captivate you and hold you in complete thrall. What is it about the chemistry that turns common sense and logic off in us?
I believe the attraction is primal, something hard wired into us which tells us who to procreate with. We as females are instinctively looking for the best combination of strength, intellect, and health to give us the perfect combination for our offspring. Survival is not as much a factor as it would have been for us thousands of years ago. Yet, the primal instinct is still alive and well within all of us. Even when we either don't want children or in some cases can't. It is still the trigger in all females.
Our attraction to one another is the first step to seeing if there is compatibility for a long term relationship. Not all attractions are healthy and need to be approached with a modicum of caution. Only through discovering what type of person they are can you truly make that type of determination.
The first step is attraction, the primal animal residing in all of us standing up and taking notice. What may or may not come later is secondary to this first rush of awareness and attraction.
This is the most thrilling part of the cycle to love, this is the beginning of the courtship. Without the attraction the possibility of there being anything more is not there.
This is an open forum and look forward to your thoughts on this subject.
Until then I'll chat with you next week.

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