The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Monday, August 30, 2010

     To say I have my plate full it quite an undertatement. Working full time, preparing for our local Las Vegas Rennaissance Fair (teaching Basic Fair Language or BFA as it's called, songs and improve acting.) Then add to that writing. I'm problably burning the candle at both ends. The bright spot is that after October I will only have to contened with a full time job and my husband. Poor guy has been kind of taken a back seat to everything else going on, but he is awesome understanding all of it!
     How did I get so lucky? I'm so looking forward to finishing my 2 books, both are Paranormal Romances, both are the first is a series. I have 2 more in the idea stage and are looking to be Erotica stand alone. When I do anything I do it full speed ahead, take no prisoners! And I wonder why I get panic attacks?
      I will be placeing little tidbits of my books in my blogs, you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter please feel free to leave me your comments.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Mussings

I write Paranormal Romances not because they sell, though that does help. I was told once to write what you know, with the family background I have it seemed a natural inclination for me.
You see my family came from the Bayous of Louisianna, my Great Grandmother was the local witch of the town and delivered most of the babies there. She taught me to look with all my senses at the world and not limit myself to just what can be proven by science. After all that's what Faith is all about.