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The Romance Reviews

Monday, May 4, 2015

Pick Me Up Monday- Words are indeed mightier than the sword

Happy Monday Peeps!

Life has been hectic to say the least and for those of you who tune in every Monday for my blog I apologize for missing last weeks offering. 

I have been steadily working on Rogan's book, but much of it ended up deleted. I will only put out a body of work that I feel is my best. After going over it I found it was lacking the intensity I needed to convey, so back to the drawing board I went and reworked it. Such is the way of a writer. You have to go on gut instinct, which turns out to be right nine out of ten times.

As many know I have a Monday internet workshop I have been doing since January. Well, I just put my students through a very intense month and recently heard from one of them. The private thank you touched my heart and lifted my spirits. It put into perspective the reason why I write, and love the printed word. 

The very idea that there is one person I made a difference to is huge to me. The gift of her words filled me with inspiration, love and acceptance. These are precious things to me and will hold them dear to my heart. 

As I stated in my Monday pick me up title, words are indeed more powerful than the sword. They can cut and wound, but they can also inspire, lift someone up to reach heights never dreamed of before. Without those encouraging words we all need, life is so much harder than need be. 

So in closing, I say thank you to my students, my readers, and my friends. May I always remember to tell you, what an important difference each of you make in my life.

Next weeks Monday pick me up will not be posted due to a much needed vacation. I will post again the following week.

So until then, have a wonderful time with your life and remember to thank those who make a difference in your life.