The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pick Me Up Monday- And the work goes on

Happy Monday Peeps!

Here is something to get you ready for the week ahead.

I spent the weekend closed off in my study doing what I love best. Living in a world I create. Rogan's book, Heart of a Firestorm is a blend of both the history of ancient Pompeii and my world. One unseen by human man, blending the two into a believable tapestry. A place where you can logically see a dragon shifter living in that time. After all, dragons have been in our myths and legends for eons, and all things have a basis in some sort of truth. So why not dragons? 

One of the things I love about being a paranormal writer is the challenge to make the reader suspend their belief and get pulled into a supernatural world. I enjoy tweaking the rules as we know them, to weave a shadow world within what we know.

So back to my dragon, Mt. Vesuvius is about to blow...hum wonder how a fire breathing dragon works with that one? Well we will just have to see what Rogan has up his talon. 

Have a great week

Monday, April 13, 2015

Pick Me Up Monday- The Power of Passion

There are many different types of passions. That of one's work comes foremost to mind, but the one I'm talking of is the most important to a romance writer.

The power of touch can change a life, connect two souls and convey more than words, how one feels.

A single brush of a hand can kindle passion. An embrace, a welcome home in an uncertain world. We are, for the most part, tactile creatures. We show our emotions though our body language, no matter how slight the contact, it registers in our psyche.

Passion is an emotion writers know very well. We are people watchers by nature, drawn to the tell tale signs of interaction between those around us. It can be something as small as leaning toward another as they speak, a tentative hand on a shoulder or arm. These all speak volumes if you know how to hear it.

Passion in romance is our greatest tool, we learn all the nuances inherent to this emotion for without it no great love can grow. It is what keeps you coming back to read more of our work. When done right it carries you along, feeding a need we all have at the most basic level. 

To find, to feel, to love.  

Now go out there and find your passion.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wicked Dragon Writers Solutions

I recently heard of my author friend, Amber Kallyn's new business. Of course I was excited to have her on my blog where she can tell you about Wicked Dragon. I don't normally open my blog for any advertising, but at the same time I love being a resource for new authors or those wishing to self-pub and are not sure who to go to. In addition, knowing what Amber Kallyn brings to the business I have no doubts they will be busy rather quickly.

Does Your Written Gem Need An Editor?

How about Two? #WDWS #editors You've finally typed the two most important words: "THE END", but your precious treasure of words needs one final polish before you usher it out on to the cruel world. Welcome to Wicked Dragon Writer Solutions, where you can get two editing beasts for one smoking price!


Between Amber and I, we have 13 hard-won years of word crafting experience, not just in published work, but in editing for other authors. While we've been doing this without gathering our fees, we decided it was time to put our pens to work for us. We know how vital editors are to Creators of the Written Word, and what's better than one editor? How about two editors putting their eyes to the jewelers loop to examine your precious treasure, and you'll only be out the gold for the price of one. Think of it as an Editorial BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free). Feel free to come on over and check us over at Wicked Dragon Writer Solutions (! In celebration of our grand opening, if you book your adventured during the month of April, we are offering 10% off your hoard of gold, just note code: WDWSOPEN when booking your spot!   If you're anxious to start your epic journey, feel free to reach out to and we'll get you set for your editing adventure.  

Monday, April 6, 2015

Pick Me Up Monday-Another Week Promising Week Ahead

For all my Peeps out there who love a tattooed ya go, sealed with a kiss. 

Spring has sprung and my muse is singing. What can be better than that? This is one of my favorite times of the year when the earth wakes from it's dormant state. The delicate pastel wash of colors from flowers to the yellow -greens of new grass.

Time to enjoy the season and my sudden inspiration. Don't forget to stop and enjoy the earth's rebirth while you are out and about. After all what good is being alive if you don't stop once in awhile and savor?

Until next Monday, have a wonderful and productive week.