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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wicked After Dark Blog Hop

Halloween has never looked so good!

When my good friend over at Close Encounter of the Night Kind told me about this hop a few months back I just had to be a part of it.
Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, so many wonderful costumes to choose from and lets not forget the decadence of chocolate! My favorite is the dark semi-sweet variety, yum!
In celebration of my favorite holiday I am giving away two PDF's. The first is from my Knights of Excalibur series Beloved Wizard and the second from my Dark Breed series Dark Passion Rising. Both are the first books in the series. Here is a little naughty excerpt from each.
Arthur and his Knights are back and ready to kick ass!
Merci Tramaine is not happy to be called back into service by her old boss Arthur, especially when she is charged to find her missing ex lover. Drake Monroe is Merlin reincarnated, with his powers bound by the Goddess Nimue he has become a skilled fighter, but no match for Nimue who kidnapped him determined to destroy him forever.
The bloodline of Morgan Le Fey taints Merci keeping her on the edge between light and dark, the Goddess’s wicked trap springs shut leaving both Drake and Merci racing against the clock. Passions ignite once again, but are they too late to plan a future or will they be torn from each other?
This time for eternity.
Wicked Excerpt:             
Time was ticking down with no solution on the near horizon, but in this moment, nothing mattered but being in his arms. She wrapped her arms around the muscular column of his neck, her fingers spreading through his thick, silky hair and rose to her toes. Her lips fused with his in a kiss that matched his hunger. Reveling in the taste of him in her mouth, her tongue delved deeper, dueling with his.
His hands slid down her sides, sending a shiver of anticipation through her, coming to rest at the small of her back, and pressed her even closer to him. The heavy weight of his erection pressed against her belly. The heat from his body seeped into her, enhanced the beating of his heart. His kiss was demanding yet tender, harsh with need and seductive. All resistance drained out of her and her thoughts skidded to a halt, leaving only sensation in its wake. Her soft moan filled the air around them and was answered by his deeper groan.
She wanted…needed more of him. All of him right now!
With trembling fingers, she moved to the buttons of his shirt, practically ripping them off in her haste to get to the warm, firm skin beneath. He broke the kiss long enough to help her remove the material, then helped her with hers. She drank in the sight of his wide chest defined by slabs of muscle. The ridges of his stomach and narrow hips and licked her lips. There was no doubt that he was the most beautiful man she had ever seen.
And for this moment in time he was all hers.
Tambra Ellis has just had her world turned upside down! Surviving a bite from a Lycan, attracted to one hot vampire guy and now she has to look forward to turning into something from some bad werewolf movie.
          Marcus Valerian has enough on his plate without the added complication of Tambra Ellis. Fiery and independent? Sure. Beautiful with a body made for sin? Oh Yeah. And a human cop. Tambra is everything he needs to stay away from.
    As leader of the Tribunal’s enforcers it’s up to him to find out why the Dark Breeds are going feral and killing humans in ever increasing numbers. Tambra’s life is in the balance as the secrets of her past place her in the middle of old deceits and a betrayal that will change the world forever.
     Will Marcus and Tambra’s love survive or will it be too late.
Wicked Excerpt:
“Last chance, little one. Say no to this, and I will go,” he told her, his voice raspy with need. “Let me, and I will sink my fangs into your lovely neck even as I plunge my cock into you. I will take you until my name screams from your lips. Then I will mark you as mine, my Consort, and your life will forever be bound to mine.”
In answer, Tambra rose to her toes and brushed her lips against his, her tongue playing over the seam between his lips, seeking entrance. With a low growl that rumbled through her, he deepened the kiss, hungrily pillaging her hot, moist mouth with the desperate intensity of a man starved. One hand slid down her back, cupping her ass, lifting her firmly against his erection. Need like she had never felt before made her a creature of sensation, her focus only on the dark passion rising within her.
Marcus’s muscles bunched under her hands. She slid them down over his wide shoulders, along his back, to his incredible ass. He broke his kiss only long enough to rid her of her tee shirt and bra. He cupped her breasts in his hands, his thumbs rubbing the hard peaks of her nipples as they tightened under his touch. His head bent, mouth laving one nipple before he sucked it into his mouth. She arched into him, mindless from the pleasure that spiraled through her. His lips moved to her other breast, giving it the same attention as the first. His hand moved down her ribcage, past her small waist, to the waistband of her jeans. He unzipped them and shoved them, along with her panties, down her rounded hips, leaving her bare to his piercing gaze.
“So damned beautiful,” he whispered, his eyes caressing her skin until she felt as if she was burning alive with the need for him to take her.
So let the hopping begin and good luck to you all!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pick Me Up Monday - Three Blog Events in one week!

Happy Monday!
I don't know if this inspires me to get up. I think I would much rather curl up next to him for the whole day and forget it's Monday.
Wow what a week! I have three great blog hops I'm doing this week. The first one started on Saturday October 20th and runs to Saturday October 27th.  I'm giving away the PDF of my latest release The Knights Druid, the second book in the Knights of Excalibur series.           Just click here: 
 Wicked Romances Blog Hop

Then my next blog hop starts on October 24 and goes through November 1st. Come on by and see what I will be giving away as a prize to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year.

 Starting October 26th through to October 31st you will find me at The Romance Studio  Spookapalooza celebrating the holiday with lots of excerpts from my books and a few sneak peaks at a few that will be coming soon.  I'll have much more to come in the last months of 2012 and plenty of news on upcoming releases so stop by often and get in on the fun. I truly enjoy hearing from you and love the comments I get on my blog. Thank you and have a wonderful week.

We will talk again.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wicked Romances Blog Fest

Tweet #WickedRomanceGIVEAWAY
When I thought about this the one book which popped into my head was the Knight's Druid. What could be more wicked that a sexy irishman who just happens to be a shifter? If that isn't enough to give you a few naughty thoughts then how about two alpha knights grappling with the feelings they have for each other? what a few wickledly naughty snippets? I thought you would never ask. Lol!
What’s worse than a pissed off Knight? Colin Hennessy.
Shifter, Knight and quick tempered Irishman, Colin remembers vividly his past life as Sir Kay. Haunted by the woman he once loved and lost, he has spent his lives searching for his lost love to no avail. Now Arthur is back and his life once again is filled with purpose. Joined by a common goal, he lives only to protect Arthur and his fellow Knights from the twisted, black magic of Mordred.
Juliet Boyd moves among societies rich and pampered, but she holds within her a terrible secret. One Vance Hollister is determined to exploit. Mordred is back in a new skin, now as Vance Hollister and the old evil is alive and well.
Colin and Juliet are unprepared for the flare of attraction that ignites between them from across a moonlit parking lot. Dare she open herself and expose her cursed gift? Can he save Juliet from Vance’s twisted manipulations or will he lose his second chance at love? A showdown between good and evil is coming to a head with Colin and Juliet right in the middle.
Wicked Excerpt #1 Colin and Juliet
Her breasts pushed tantalizingly against his chest, her core pressed hard to his raging erection. All thoughts went south leaving precious little for his brain to function on. His thin veneer of civility burned to ash leaving in its wake the animal living just beneath his skin. After so very long this one female felt good in his arms…right. He wanted more, he wanted, no needed to touch her all over, bury himself deep inside her. Claim her and be claimed by her. His hands lowered to the full rounded cheeks of her ass, lifting her up closer to him urging her to wrap those luscious long legs around his waist. Colin bit back a curse as her heat ground into his cock with agonizing precision almost making him climax right then and there.

He laid her on the bed his hands eager to learn her body. He broke the kiss lifting his head to drink her in, a man starved finding a feast laid before him. Her skin smooth alabaster, breast’s firm and round, tipped with dark coral nipples. Her small waist flared slightly at the hips, Christ! His throbbed painfully against the fly of his jeans. The scent of her arousal drove him over the edge where instinct took control and all thoughts and arguments crumpled to dust. The only urge, overwhelming in its savage intensity remained. He needed to be thrusting deep inside her or he would lose his mind.

Gods damn me, you’re beautiful,” he husked in a voice more animal than man. “Say you want this, Jules.”

Wicked Excerpt #2 - Darius and Simon

Darius pulled out of her mouth bent and kissed her tasting Simon mixed with him. Salty and sweet, so good he deepened the kiss to lap up more of the heady taste. A hand stroked tentatively through his hair, traveling to his cheek and down his throat. Breaking the kiss he turned his face and found another pair of lips pressing on his own. A tongue darted in through his parted lips in a hesitant exploration.

God the taste!

He wanted more, needed more of the spicy sweet taste, turning the kiss from questing to demanding, his tongue stroking, twisting, and dueling. His heart stuttered as a hunger unlike any he had ever known ignited deep within him, threatening to devour him whole. His pulse quickened, his heart banged in his chest, a painful pounding threatening to burst free from his ribcage.

Darius grew so hard it was painful; usually it took a bit more time to get it up again, but not this time. Realization hit him with the force of a freight train. He was kissing Simon.

And liking it!

He jerked away from Simon with a mixture of surprise and horror. Simon was his best friend, as close as a brother. For Christ’s sake he liked women! The desire still throbbing through his body mocked his words as he stared into eyes glazed with need.

No way was he dealing with this, not now, not ever!

Darius jerked away from Simon as if he’d been burned, looking anywhere but at his friend.

The blonde giggled while readjusting her clothing. “Damn that was hot seeing the two of you go at it like that.”

“I’ve wanted to tell you for so long,” Simon started.

“Don’t,” Darius held up a hand as if to ward him off. “I don’t want to know. You are my best friend damn you, what in the nine levels of hell was that all about?”

“About? You dumb shit. I’ve wanted to tell you. Aw hell, this was not the way I wanted it to go down.”

Simon’s words ravaged him. Panic rose up gripping him with razor sharp talons ripping him to shreds inside.

Darius did the only thing he could do. He followed his instinct and ran like hell.

Interested in more ? I'm giving the PDF of this away to one of you who leaves me a comment on this blog.

Just click on one of the participants below and happy hopping

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pick Me Up Monday - Evernight Birthday Bash Results

Happy Monday!
Well my friends another week is here and all I can say is Wow, what an awesome blog hop we had. To all you new followers I thank you so much for following and hope not to disappoint.  I am happy to announce the winner of the Evernight 2nd Birthday Bash Blog Hop is Carin. She won a PDF copy of Passion's Flight Book 2 in the Dark Breed series, plus a $20.00 Amazon Gift Card. Happy reading and shopping Carin I hope you enjoy them both.
All my winners are picked through since I get tons of comments - which I absolutely love - this is the only way I can pick from all the wonderful things you say about my books. I am so tickled to find so many interested in my stories and it spurs my muse to write more hearing from you all.
I have been very busy last week since I took a three day sabbatical from writing to work the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Fair in Las Vegas last week. The small vacation away from the day job and writing helps to recharge my battery and I'm back at work writing like crazy because of it.
Here are a few pictures of the tent I made from scratch and yes, I painted it too!
This is the back with a stylized painting of the Black Phoenix -the name of my ship since I play a privateer and assassin.

 This is the side I painted for my partner in crime the Blue Sapphire. The blue beastie is her Celtic astrology sign and the other designs are a mixture of Celtic and viking runes depicting good fortune and unity.
 And this one is mine. Wasn't sure how I felt about my Celtic sign being a snake, but in their astrology it's a good thing Lol!
I did take a picture of the front which had our flag and the Eye of Ra in the front flap of the opening but sadly it didn't come out.
So know you know what I did with my time last week. Now it's time to tell you all about this week. I have another blog hop starting on Saturday October 20th through to October 27th.
I will be giving away a copy of The Knights Druid on this one so be sure to check it out on the 20th.
Well, time to get back to work have a safe and productive week everyone.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Evernight! Birthday Blog Extravaganza

Welcome to the Evernight Publishing birthday blog hop!
Evernight Publishing opened its doors two years ago. In those two years we’ve signed over one hundred and sixty authors and published over three hundred books. From paranormal to contemporary, we’ve had more best sellers than we can count and made thousands of people smile, sigh and gasp. So, as a thank you to all our readers and everyone who has supported us, we’re holding this blog hop and we have a whole lot of prizes to offer you.
Here's how it works... the more blogs you hop to (shown below) the more chance you have of winning prizes. Each author on the hop is offering a prize and Evernight is offering the following grand prizes, a Kindle, a $100 Amazon gift certificate, two Evernight swag bags (which includes a tote, a tee, vouchers, a mug and other coolness) and a personalized Facebook banner. To be in with a chance of winning the author prize simply follow the blog you're visiting and leave a comment which includes your email address. Each entry on each blog is then counted towards the grand prize draw. The more entries you have, the better your chance of winning a grand prize! You also get extra points for liking the Evernight Facebook page!/evernightpublishing. Just make sure you let us know in the comments that you've done so.
Good luck and happy hopping!
For my prize I'm giving away a PDF copy of Passion's Flight PLUS a $20.00 Amazon Gift Card.
With ferals attacking the human populace in greater numbers than ever before, Tegan Murin has his hands full these days. When he is ordered to find and destroy a deadly artifact known as Oman’s Seal, deal with his estranged step-father and find a missing archeologist. He’s a bit irritable. Add into the mix a recurring dream of one sexy seductress leading him to his death… well, you get one very pissed off were-panther.
Kyra Navarone is an archeologist who is more than what she seems. Escaping from the ferals who captured her, she ends up running into the brooding, irritating man who makes her blood run hot just with one look. Her life depends on the betrayal of this compelling man, but how can she live with herself afterward?
With ferals, An Atlantean Tracker and Lucien closing in on them, they are running out of time, Tegan and Kyra must learn to trust each other in order survive. More hangs in the balance than their lives. Their actions could very well spell the end of everything for not just their world, but the world hidden beneath the waves as well.
 “Is that all you got, asshole?” Tegan growled from flat on his back. The damn leech had packed quite a punch, but he’d never let him know that. He rose from the ground, spitting a wad of blood on the alley floor. “You hit like a girl.”
   The vampire hissed, baring his impressively large fangs, his fingernails lengthening to razor sharp points. Tegan laughed with dark intent. His claws punched out of his hands with the sound of tearing flesh. The dagger sharp points, catching the light from the crescent moon shining above the filthy alley.. Forming a fist, he fought off the rank odor of rotten garbage and urine trying for a permanent home in his nostrils.
  “Mine are bigger than yours,” he said with a menacing smile, wiggling his claws “Game on.”
   The vampire’s eyes glowed red. Snarling his contempt, the beast leapt, its sharp nails aiming for Tegan’s exposed jugular. Tegan twisted to the side at the last moment and raked his claws up the vampire’s unprotected stomach. Crap, the vamp even screamed like a girl. Wasn’t that just fucking pathetic?
   The vampire wrenched free of Tegan’s claws. Its nails tore through the leather of his bomber jacket, past the soft cotton tee shirt and gouged deep into the muscle and tendons.
Pain exploded through his shoulder, clear to the bone, traveling like wildfire down his arm, followed by the unpleasant prickling sensation like a thousand fire ants were eating his limb off. Gods damned vamps, he thought disgustedly. What was it with these feral vampires and poisons anyway? The venom pulsed though his system like toxic sludge, warning him there would be very little time before it rendered him immobile. Reaching for the knife strapped to his chest, he pinned his gaze on the cocky asshole. No more play time. Now it’s die time. He made a quarter turn, nice and steady, letting the vamp think he was going to flee. Tegan waited for the merest brush of those sharpened nails to sweep the back of his neck. Sensing the Feral move in for the kill, he spun back, his knife firmly gripped in his good hand, slashing into the vampire’s neck.
  The force of the strike bit deep, cutting clear to the bone, almost beheading the leech in one strike. He stumbled away, hands clamped over the damage. The attempt to keep its head on his shoulders was futile. The vamp’s life gushed, ruby red, running down the alley walls. Before it could begin to heal, Tegan cut deeply into the unprotected stomach. The creature’s hands jerked to his belly doing what he could to keep his insides from spilling out over the dirty alley floor. Putting all his strength into it, Tegan hacked through the vamps unprotected throat. It fell to the ground with a satisfying thwump, the body crumpling beside it.
  “That’s for fucking poisoning me, you asshole!” Tegan growled at the body as he cleaned the blade on his black cargo pants and placed it back into its sheath. He pulled out his cell from one of his pants pockets. His fingers fumbled as numbness claimed them and he gritted his teeth with frustration until he heard the cell ring through.
  “Hey Zeke, I need a pick up and my poison kit,” he grit out as the toxin starting to burn through his blood stream. “I’m at Bridger and Third. Hurry.”

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pick Me Up Monday

Happy Monday all!
Wrapped around that would make getting up on Monday mornings hell - or I should say more hellacious than they already are. I am a night owl by nature and no matter how old I get I still find it difficult to rise and shine in the mornings. Guess I'm more like a vampire, happy if I don't have to see the light of day. Even my muse won't wake up and get it together until the sun is down.
Anyhow October has officially started and it plans to be a busy one for me. I have been invited to guest blog at RomCon on October 13th here is the link:
One commenter will win The first two books in the Knights of Excalibur series PLUS a $5.00 Amazon Gift card. Hopefully you will use it to by the third and final installment of this series The Kings Lady.
On October 8th I start a week long blog hop with my Publisher Evernight For their upcoming Birthday. I can't believe they are two years old and have done so much in those years. The quality of the stories they bring and the talent of their authors is quite amazing. 
For my part in it I will be giving away the PDF of Passions Flight along with tons of other goodies you can win.
Details will go live next Monday right here on my blog.
I am also working on the third book in the Dark Breed series and some others that I'm not quite ready to talk about at this time. I hope to surprise you with them in the near future so stay tuned for more news on my Monday blogs.
I will be on a small vacation from writing from October 4th through the 7th. Time to recharge my batteries by working the local Renaissance Fair. Time to let Obsidian the Black Dagger out to play and this time she will have stocks and a rack to discipline those who are very, very bad. Oh, she can be bribed to put anyone in the stocks if you have the coin to grease her palm. She is an interesting and mercenary soul who I will have end up having a book written about her some day.