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The Romance Reviews

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Welcome back to another snippet from my WIP The Summoning: Rise of the Sentinels. Lucian grapples with his stubborn charge, much to his watcher Aeron's amusement.
“Damn the woman! She refuses me at every turn.” His long fingers speared through his hair in frustration. “Perhaps another could make better headway than I. As you are well aware, I had misgivings when you charged me with this undertaking. Women hold little appeal, except to warm my bed. I don’t possess the fortitude or temperament for this undertaking.”

“Though your objection is duly noted, you are still the most qualified for this and you will find a way to get the Veil open. Failure is not an option.”

He sprang from the chair to pace, his body rigid unable to contain his  anger. “Aeron, don’t do this. You ask too much of me, as you well know. Find someone else.”

Aeron sighed, finished his whiskey, and placed it carefully upon the table at his side. “I cannot, for reasons of my own.”

“Damn you to Hell for this!” He ground out between his teeth, clenching his fists at his sides.

“I ‘m already damned, old friend,” Aeron said softly. He saw a shadow of some remembered pain flicker in his eyes immediately replaced by irritation. “Nothing changes. You will continue, we will not have this conversation again, and you will do whatever is necessary to open the Veil and prepare Miss Shaw for the rite to keep it open. There is too much at stake for failure of any kind.” Aeron’s voice resounded with a firm authority that clearly stated he would hear no more objections from him on this.

Lucien’s retort died on his lips in the thickened air around them. A hum of energy filled the space with an aura of urgency. With only a thought he  brought his broadsword to him, strapping it onto his back and securing it, then he strode out the door. His long strides ate up the distance from the hallway to his foyer. A hand caught his arm causing him to pause and glance over his shoulder at Aeron.

“I will see what I can find out on the other side and meet you at the portal.”

Lucien acknowledged his words with a slight nod of his head before Aeron was gone.

Resignation on his part glued him to the task at hand.

He did do his damnedest to refuse, and deep down in his marrow it was obvious he would have difficulty succeeding. Opening the front door, he looked into the darkness, feeling the thrumming energy from the portal.

"It’s time to dance with the Devil,” he muttered under his breath then blended into the darkness.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pick Me Up Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!
Wow, how fast the time goes, almost March and closing in on my new release. Whoot!
The King's Lady is the last book in the Knights of Excalibur series and this is one of my favorite stories by far. It always irritated me how Mallory depicted Guenevere. I wanted to know what drove her into the arms of another man?

In this book I can give reasons why she did what she did, how Lancelot really felt, and what Arthur's part in the betrayal may have been. There is more than one point of view and in most books I've read they tell Arthur and Lancelot's, not hers.

As soon as I get finished with these final edits it's off to you, the readers. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Now on to my other projects. I have a Dark Breed short story almost finished called Dark Hunter. This is Mari's story. She owns and runs The Asp. There is a special little surprise for you I added at the end where you can get a glimpse in the direction I'm taking with future books. Right after that I have another short story, this is an untitled paranormal historical set the thirteenth century Britain.
Then it's Zeke's book Dark Desire followed by Cody's story, which is untitled at this moment. Of course I also what The Summoning:Rise of the Sentinels coming and will have more on that later this year.
Well, better get back to work, my muse is calling and has some information on Zeke I need to attend to. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Pick Me Up Monday- Primal Attraction

Happy Monday all!
Valentine's may be over but the love still continues all month here on my blog. Being a romance writer it's a given my books revolve around the life changing emotion, whether for good or ill all of us has fallen under cupids arrow's.
What makes up this combustible attraction between two people when they first meet? The heart pounding, dry mouth stutter when you are close to him. His scent, mannerisms and even his voice captivate you and hold you in complete thrall. What is it about the chemistry that turns common sense and logic off in us?
I believe the attraction is primal, something hard wired into us which tells us who to procreate with. We as females are instinctively looking for the best combination of strength, intellect, and health to give us the perfect combination for our offspring. Survival is not as much a factor as it would have been for us thousands of years ago. Yet, the primal instinct is still alive and well within all of us. Even when we either don't want children or in some cases can't. It is still the trigger in all females.
Our attraction to one another is the first step to seeing if there is compatibility for a long term relationship. Not all attractions are healthy and need to be approached with a modicum of caution. Only through discovering what type of person they are can you truly make that type of determination.
The first step is attraction, the primal animal residing in all of us standing up and taking notice. What may or may not come later is secondary to this first rush of awareness and attraction.
This is the most thrilling part of the cycle to love, this is the beginning of the courtship. Without the attraction the possibility of there being anything more is not there.
This is an open forum and look forward to your thoughts on this subject.
Until then I'll chat with you next week.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Evernight Valentine Snippets Bl0g H0p!

 Love is in the air, and on the blogs listed below! Yep, the best of the Evernight authors are sharing snippets of their best for you the reader. The prizes with be quite unique and there are several rules you will need to follow to be entered. I promise you there are easy ones.
1. Like the Evernight facebook page. Just click on Evernight Publishing Facebook Page
2. I will be asking a question you can easily find on my website at Just leave me your answer with your email addy so I can contact you. What do you win???
I'm giving away a swag bag filled with goodies from my Dark Breed Series, PLUS a $10.00 Amazon gift card.
Told you it would be something delightfully different. Now for the question: On my website what is the the Tag line for the Dark Breed Series? Hint - It's the first thing you see when you hit the Dark Breed Tab under books.
Now for that snippet. This is from Dark Passion Rising, the first book in the series.
She tilted her head up to him and rose on her toes to brush her
lips lightly over his in a chaste kiss that nearly undid him. Of their
own accord his arms enclosed her in a tight embrace, pulling her to
his body as he bent his head and claimed her lips. A groan tore out of
his throat at the feel of her hot core rubbing up against his throbbing
cock through her towel. He ate at her mouth like a man starved, her
taste slid over his tongue like ambrosia. He needed more, needed all of her.
Marcus pulled away only long enough to tear her towel away
from her body and lift her into his arms. She felt perfect against him,
her hard nipples scraping along his chest, her body soft and curved.
He knew he should stop and leave but for the life of him he couldn’t
find it in himself to care.
He laid her down on her bed, her pale body luminescent
against her chocolate colored sheets. Her full breasts rose proudly.
Her nipples, tight, rosy buds, begged for his mouth. Her waist was
tiny, curving enticingly over hips. Long, toned legs parted slightly,
giving him a glimpse of her pink core hidden in blonde curly hair.
Her pale hair spread out over the pillows like spun gold and her heavy
lidded blue eyes watched him hungrily. Lips, red and swollen from
his kisses, beckoned to him with a siren’s smile. All thoughts but one
led his mind as he took in the temptation before him. He had to have
her, couldn’t bear another moment without hearing his name on her lips.
“You’re beautiful, Tambra.” His voice was hushed, filled
with reverence as he moved over her prone form, claiming her mouth
in a searing kiss. “I may be damned for all eternity but I will have
given you this one night of pleasure.”
Enjoy seeing what the other Evernight authors have in store for you and good luck. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Welcome to my newest installment of WIP Wednesday.
This week I'm giving you a tidbit from my WIP titled The Summoning: Rise of the Sentinels

“Hey, Earth to Cat, you with me?” Janelle’s voice cut through her musings like a hatchet, jerking her to the here and now.

“Sorry, what did you say?” She gave weak smile and sighed.

“You okay?” She frowned, grey eyes darkened with worry.

“Fine.  Let’s get these groceries in the truck, okay?”

A shiver of unease traveled up her spine as she watched Janelle turn toward the grey mass of swirling mist steadily moving their way. It was so thick it obscured everything in its path. Reminding her of a living, voracious beast, it surged forward. Something about it felt wrong, the way it moved seemed too intelligent…purposeful, like it knew where it was going.

“Get to the truck,” Janelle ordered. She reached for her knives palming them in her hands.

Her eyes grew wide with alarm. “What about all these groceries, we can’t just leave them here”

“Screw the groceries,” Janelle bit out through clenched teeth. Her eyes never left the thick swirling mass of fog edging closer to the parking lot.

“Jan, something’s moving in that fog.” Her voice was barely a whisper as fear formed a lump in her throat.

A dark shadow wreathed about within the grey mist.

They watched the shape coalesced within the swirling mist then emerged. Slowly they scurried back, away from the approaching form, their groceries forgotten as they both eyed the truck parked just a few yards from where they stood.

“On the count of three, run like hell. “One... Two... Run!”

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pick Me Up Monday - Love is in the Air

 Happy Monday!
I love February, and being a romance author this month is especially wonderful. There is something about that first time with a man you are attracted to. The look in his eyes, as if you are the only thing in his universe, and you think this may be "the one" you've waited all you life for.
 The first time his lips touch yours and the pounding of your pulse skyrockets as he stokes that fire deep in your belly. Ah, yes love is definitely in the air!
Each tender embrace, hushed words of endearment open the heart to possibilities.
This month my blog revolves around love with Evernight Valentines day blog hop running from Feb.10 -14th, I'll be on Demon Lovers Books and More on Feb. 12th and chatting with readers that evening starting at 6pm. I'll also be doing a live chat on Feb. 25th on Night Owl Reviews, along with a guest spot on Book Boost that same day where I will be talking about love, romance and my latest release The King's Lady.
Stay tuned for my WIP Wednesday where I will treat you to a small snippet of another story I'm working on.
That's it for this week, until next Monday, have an awesome one.