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The Romance Reviews

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pick Me Up Monday

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone back east is doing well. With the earthquake followed by hurricane Irene leaving so many area's hit my thoughts and prayers are with you.

As you know I have been under the weather since coming back from Authors After Dark. I haven't been doing much except sleeping on the weekends to get rid of this bug. Though I feel much better there hasn't been much progress on my works in progress. So it's time to go into my cave and get to work.

I also have a lot of wonderful giveaways coming up for you all. As I mentioned last week I held a giveaway with
Romancing the Book and am pleased to announce Jess was the winner of a $20.00 Amazon gift card. I loved all the wonderful comments I received and wished I could give everyone who participated in the giveaway a prize. Unfortunately I am not quite that rich.

I have a lot coming up with plenty of chances to win. On September 1st through October 31st I am participating in Night Owl Reviews Full Moon Web Hunt. I will be giving away a PDF of my latest release through my website For more information on this you can go to

I am also featured on Love Romance Novels Revolving Book on September 6th here is the link:  and also on facebook at

I am holding two contests in September with Coffee Times and Romance. They both are live chats with me and some Author friends of mine. The first one is being held Friday September 23rd. called Extasy Authors Unveiled and it starts at 12pm through 5pm EST. I will personally be giving away my latest release and a $20.00 gift card.
On Friday September 30th I am holding another live chat called Evernight Author Chats it will also be held with Coffee Times and Romance between 12pm and 5pm EST. I will be giving away two PDF releases.
I will have the links up for you as soon as I have them set up.

If your in Las Vegas between September 9th and 10th I will be at the Erotic Authors Association Convention at the Flamingo Hotel. Come by and say hi.

I will have a Six Sentence Sunday for you since I was too sick to put one up last week and don't forget Monday Pick Me Up. If you have any questions drop me a line either here at my blog or website and I will add it to my Monday blog.

Have a fantastic week.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Romance you can sink your fangs into: Pick Me Up Monday and So Much More...

Romance you can sink your fangs into: Pick Me Up Monday and So Much More...: Good Morning Friends, There's been a lot going on in the last two weeks. My first time in Philly for Authors After Dark was worth the head c...

Pick Me Up Monday and So Much More...

Good Morning Friends, There's been a lot going on in the last two weeks. My first time in Philly for Authors After Dark was worth the head cold I got. I learned an important lesson. When going anywhere far be sure to stock up on vitamin C!
I have a contest going on right now which will go through to Sunday August 28th. Place a comment at to win a $20.00 Amazon Gift Card. I will announce the winner on Monday's Pick Me Up. I hope to hear from all of you.

I do have sad news to report and would like to break away from the usual routine. When I came home from Authors After Dark it was to find my cat, Elizabeth had taken a turn for the worse. Sadly I had to put her to sleep on Sunday. After 19 years of companionship it is hard to think of life without her in my life. Her absense has left a hole in me that will take a long time to fill. I have never had a more devoted pet to share my life with and she will be sorely missed.

So to my little Lizzy where ever you are I love you and cherish all the memories you have blessed me with. I hold you close to my heart always. My life was richer with you in it.

To my heart Elizabeth Shannan never to be forgotten. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

I'm back with another six from Passions Flight. Enjoy!

Pain exploded through Tegans shoulder searing a blazing path all the way down to his hand ,which hung uselessly at his side.
Fucking feral vampires, he thought disgustedly.
What was it with these vamps and poisons anyway?  He could feel the toxic brew pulsing though his system and knew he had very little time before it rendered him immobile. Baring his teeth in a savage smile, he reached for one of his knifes strapped to his chest. No more play time now its die time.

See you with another six next Sunday.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Author After Dark 2011

Delilah Devlin, Crymsyn Hart and me at Authors After Dark 2011
 Hello everyone I'm back from Philly!

It's good to be home again. My first convention Author's After Dark was a wonderful experience. I left with not only good memories but new friends Author's and readers alike. This convention, though considered to be not the biggest,  in my opinion this was one of the best.

My hat goes off to Stella Price and her hard working coordinators for a superb venue. Though I know things didn't run as smoothly as she originally planed, there were some problems with the hotel. She rolled beautifully with the punches where a lesser person would be found a babbling mess in a corner somewhere. I know how hard it is to put together an event. I put together my own Renaissance Fair for a few years so I know from experience just how tough it can be.

I plan to go next year when it is in New Orleans and can't wait to reunite with all the wonderful friends I made this year and to the new ones I will make in the future.

See you for Six Sentence Sunday and a new installment of Monday Pick Me Up.

Have a fantastic week!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pick Me Up Monday / News

Good Morning,
Well as you can see I have had a good week. I received word on Monday that Extasy Books not only signed my first novella but want's the entire Knights of Excalibur series. Yep, that means a total of eight in all. What does that mean? It means I'll be twice as busy writing wonderfully diverse stories which I hope will enjoy. I am working up the outline for the second book and will update you with the release date for Beloved Wizard as I find out

I also am getting close to finishing up with Tegan's Story Passion's Flight. The second in the Dark Breed series from Evernight and will have much more information on that to come. I have also started a loose outline on the third installment which is Zeke's book which overlaps Tegans. so there is a lot going on to which I'm very glad.

If you happen to be around the Philadelphia area this week please stop by the Doubletree Hotel and say hi. I'll be at the Authors After Dark convention and would love to see ya.

Have a fantastic week!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Here is six from my second Dark Breed book, Passion's Flight. Enjoy.

Tegan growled as he rose from the ground spitting blood on the alley floor.”You hit like a girl.”
     The vampire hissed, baring his impressively large fangs, his fingernails lengthening to razor sharp points. Tegan laughed as he willed his claws out of his hands, bursting through the knuckles of his hands as he formed a fist with his fingers.
     “Mine are bigger than yours.” He said with a menacing smile wiggling his claws.

Stay tuned for future six's from Passion's Flight.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pick Me Up Monday

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had an awesome week. Mine was quite eventful since it was my wonderful Hubby's birthday now he is almost as old as me Lol! Got to love them Leo's. One of the things that I find compelling about a Leo male is the way they command attention even when they don't say a thing. Seriously, everyone knows when my hubby walks into a room. Love the looks on the ladies faces when they see him. He's quite handsome. We had a great lunch with my critique ladies one of which was very talented CR Moss on Saturday morning followed by a wonderful dinner on with a great friend and fellow writer Siobhan Muir and her hubby.
In other news I have submitted Beloved Wizard and hope to have more details soon. If all goes well you can look forward to many more stories in the Knights of Excalibur series. Now I'm finishing up Tegan's book and hope to have it ready for release in the fall.
I have many other stories that are in different stages of completion and as they near completion I will be letting you know about them as well.

Until next Monday have a fantastic week!