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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

I'ts Sunday! Time for another six from Dark Passion Rising.

Marucs is teetering on the razor's edge with Tambra close to her Rising, which will turn her into a Lycan. His need to claim her as his Consort is overiding every reason why he shouldn't.

“Last chance, little one. Say no to this, and I will go,” he told
her, his voice raspy with need. “Let me, and I will sink my fangs into
your lovely neck even as I plunge my cock into you. I will take you
until my name screams from your lips. Then I will mark you as mine,
my Consort, and your life will forever be bound to mine.”
In answer, Tambra rose to her toes and brushed her lips
against his, her tongue playing over the seam between his lips,
seeking entrance.

See you next week for my next six!

Shannan Albright

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pick Me Up Monday

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great week.I love this picture makes you wonder what he is seeing he looks very intense. I love how some pictures make you spin stories in your head. This one sure did.

I wanted to let you know my first installment of Confessions of a Las Vegas Domme goes live on on May 31. I think you will find it a very hot installment that sets off the serial with quite a bang.

Still working hard on Tegan's story and I have heard form some of you that you are very excited about it. I am hoping to have it out to you soon so keep checking back to see any updates on the latest Dark Breed novel tentatively called Passions Flight.

In other works I have revising the first book in another series centering on the return of King Arther and his knights set in present day. The first book, Beloved Wizard is in first revision stage and will soon be ready for submission. I will have a lot more to tell you on this in the next month or two. I also am working to have The Summoning ready tentatively around the end of 2011.

So far that's three books I am working hard to deliver to you and much more on the way for 2012.

Time to get to work! Have a great week.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Time once again for Six Sentence Sunday! Another tidbit to perk your intrest.

From Dark Passions Rising: A Dark Breed Novel

Bitten by a Lycan ,Tambra Ellis just discovers that she too will become a Lycan. Since she has no love for our furry friends she takes the news of her "Rising" badly to say the least.

You were bitten by a Lycan, not Lassie.”
“Ha, ha, laugh it up big guy. You don’t have to worry about
Laughter rumbled out of him, surprising him as much as it
seemed to anger her. Tambra stood in front of him, her golden hair
tumbling wildly down her back, clutching the comforter tightly to her
breasts. Her blue eyes glittered with anger and Marcus fought the
urge to pull her into his arms and stroke her soft, creamy skin.

 Thank you for checking out this installment of Six Sentence Sunday. Stay tuned for more next Sunday.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pick Me Up Monday / First Look at Tegan Murin

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Here is a first look at Tegan Murin the hunky were-panther from Passions Flight, the second installment in the Dark Breed series a real hottie and all around sweet guy. Not often when you get looks, intelligence and substance in the whole package.  I’m closing in on the end of his book so stay tuned for more updates with Tegan.
Other exciting news I am now contracted with Everything Erotic and my first installment of Confessions of a Las Vegas Domme is set to launch in June and I’m very excited to be a part of such a talented group of writers. I also have a launch date for Digital Digest on July 1st and will be unveiling my first Steampunk story with them. I will also be reviewing the very talented Erin Quinn, author of Haunting Beauty, Haunting Warrior and the latest installment Haunting Desire. I will be meeting up with her this June and hope to have more news for you on that soon.
If you want tidbits of my current releases and previews of my books in progress please check out Six Sentence Sunday where I will be posting a brief six sentence excerpt of my work every Sunday.
This has been an exciting and demanding year for me so far. I have been stretching my multi-tasking talents to the limit juggling a full time job and a writing carrier. As I continue to grow as a writer and my body of work builds I feel blessed to be able to share my stories and feed this hopeful romantic that dwells deep inside of me. My reception into the publishing world so far has been very positive and though my readership is small right now those faithful fans have been encouraging and eager for more of my work.
I write for the love of the printed word, I publish to share the worlds I imagine and share with you. If you like what I write then I have done my job as a writer. That my friends is what I strive for.

Have a fantastic week!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday!

It's Six Sentence Sunday! Here is another taste from Dark Passion Rising: A Dark Breed Novel

Our hero Marcus Valerian finds himself in a bit of trouble. Good thing trouble is his middle name.

He saw two vampires among the Weres as they circled around him.
Ferals, he thought with disgust. Crouching low, he prepared
for battle, knowing he was outnumbered, which was how he liked it.
His lips twisted into a cold smile as he nodded at one particularly
large Were.
“Time to dance with the Devil,” Marcus said softly as he
pulled one of his daggers free of its sheath.
There was no more time for talk as the Weres attacked with a
flash of teeth and claws.

See you all next week with another installment of Six Sentence Sunday.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pick Me Up Monday

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Mother's day.

Well it has been another busy week for me and I am happy to announce my first draft of Beloved Wizard is now done and resting a bit before I tackle editing it.

I have just signed a contract with Everything Erotic and you will soon be able to follow my Erotica work with them. Look for Confessions of a Las Vegas Domme to come out next month. This is a contemporary love story that is sure to be sizzling hot!

On top of that Passions Flight the second in the Dark Breed series is coming together very nicely with Tegan's help of course. I should be finishing this by the end of this month if my luck still holds. Be sure to keep checking back with me for a sneak peak at Tegan plus small teasers. I'm sure you will fall in love with this very passionate were-panther I know I sure did.

I have started blogging with Six Sentence Sunday so stop by on Sunday's and get a taste of my current and upcoming books. I am also guest blogging this week on Wednesday May 11 at Romance Writers of America's blog site Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter or commonly called FF&P. Stop by on Wednesday and see what I have to say about my journey into this quickly changing publishing world.
I will also be a Authors After Dark in Philadelphia this year from August 11th through to the 14th. If you are in the area stop by and say hi. If you happen to be in Las Vegas September 9th and 10th I will be at the Erotic Authors Association Conference as one of their readers.

I will see you next week with more updates. Have a fantastic week!

Shannan Albright - Romance you can sink your fangs into

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Six Sentance Sunday

Here is my six from my new release Dark Passion Rising: A Dark Breed novel avilable now through

“I’m Tasha, you were expecting me?” Her Russian accent
was thick and husky.
“Come to me.” He held out his hand. “Ease my hunger.”
She eagerly gripped his hand and sank down next to him,
tilting her head to the side to expose her throat while her hand
wandered down his chest to his cock.

for more tantilizing tidbits visit

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Pick Me Up

Good Morning Everyone,
 Welcome to Monday Pick Me Up. If this doesn’t get your blood pumping this morning I don’t know what will.
     I heard from my Editor Hannah Giersdorf this weekend with great news! It seems that my first month sales placed me at #8 on the top 10 for Evernight Publishing sales through Amazon. So I promptly celebrated with a bottle of sparkling wine and went back to work on two of top priority works in progress.
   I am only two chapters away from finishing my first draft of Beloved Wizard a series of books (naturally) on King Arthur’s legend. Only this deals with his return to power and he has all his knights ready to do battle once again. I will keep you posted on release dates and other goodies as they come.  For the second Dark Breed series involving Tegan, our hot tempered were-panther. Things are progressing very well and I will soon be devoting all my spare time to get his book to you in just a few months time if all continues to go as smooth as it has been going.
     I will be giving you glimpses into Tegans life in future blogs so stay tuned for sneak peeks. I am also hoping to roll out another series sometime in 2011 the first book is titled The Summoning dealing with God’s, Angels and Demons among other various supernatural creatures. I also do have other small projects in progress and will give you all the details as they unfold.
     That’s all for this week, check back for more information on my upcoming books as they come available. Have a Fantastic Week!

Shannan Albright