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The Romance Reviews

Monday, March 30, 2015

Pick Me Up Monday- A Precious Gift

This black and white holds an intensity that grabs your attention. What strong emotion is this beautiful man in the grips of? What is the cause? My mind can easily build a story behind this picture. This image calls to me, haunts me and challenges me to look closer, share his emotion and put it on paper. 

And that, dear friends is what art does. It moves you beyond your own life and into another realm. Stirs your emotions and enables you to share in the beauty of creation. What ever the medium, be it photography, painting or words on paper, the end result is the same. It evokes your passion and pleasure. 

What a precious gift to give the world. 

As I work on my latest book, this is what I strive for. To pull you out of the mundane world where bills and stress circle around like vultures, and give you a small amount of escapism, to connect to emotion and live through my words another life and time. 

That is what all artists strive for. A small piece of themselves given to the world in the hopes it offers pleasure and release from the day to day stresses. If my work does this, then I can not complain. To create quite simply, is an obsession, a compulsion to share with the world our imagination. 

And perhaps if we are very lucky, we touch a person and give them an unforgettable moment of enjoyment. 

Until next week, be productive and enjoy springs awakening.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Pick Me Up Monday- Getting my feet back under me

This one is for me...all mine, hahaha! Some, go weak in the knees for a cowboy. For me it's a sexy highlander in a kilt. Get's me every damn time.

I learned something very important last week. I had a personal crisis crop up in my life and learned how blessed I am with such good dear friends. They are there, through thick and thin, good and the devastating. It is because of them I am getting myself back together. It's funny how life works, when you are at the lowest level, friends can raise you up.

For this, I will be forever grateful to each of you-you know who you are ;) -  Now back to work before all my dear friends kick my ass lol!

Have a wonderful and productive week ahead.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Pick Me Up Monday- Heart felt thank you for all your birthday wishes

What is better than one hot cowboy? Well four hot cowboys of course lol!

Every time I see cowboys there are two awesome authors that come to mind Jodi Olsen and Siobhan Muir. So this is for you two ladies.

Work on Firestorm is still progressing, though I did have a few squirrel moments. There is something about a massive cake with a dancing pole in the middle that can do that to a person. Only in Opensim-a virtual world in which I write - can such a thing be possible. Laughing as I remember so much fun having my avatar dancing on top of my cake.

To all the well wishers out there you humble me. So many of you remembered me, it amazed me. Thank you so very much for remembering me. I loved everyone of your notes and did my best to answer each and every one.

Well that's all I have, the brain is tired and I need some much needed rest. So with that, I wish all of you a very productive week, and reach for your dreams.

Love you all

Monday, March 2, 2015

Pick Me Up Monday- Heart of a Firestorm nears Completion

When looking for a male who would be the perfect visual match to my character Rogan, I only needed to look to Pintrest. There he was staring out at me from my monitor and I knew I found him. What is this models name? I've heard him called Kellen Jamison or Angel. This model is as mysterious as the dragon shifter created after his likeness. Whatever name he goes by, I give him a huge thank you for the inspiration he has given to my work.

With Rogan's book, Heart of a Firestorm nearing completion I am already turning my sights on the third and fourth book in this series. I must admit to feeling a bit sad, like saying goodbye to an old friend. You spend months deep within a characters psyche and once you pull out it takes a bit for you to come back to yourself. A time for a much needed break, before you throw yourself back into the frey once again.

After all, that is in essence what writing is all about. You tend to leave small pieces of yourself within the pages. Sometimes a reader will let you know how well they enjoyed your world, others stay silent. It's the way of writing, the nature of the beast. 
This is a solitary business much of the time, you create in isolation and emerge from your cave to share. Why? Because its the very nature of a creative person to send there work out into the world. So love it, as I hope you will, hate it if you must, but it is still there ready for you to turn the pages and invite you into another existence.

Enough musings for now, I hope for you a creative and productive week.   
I'll chat with you next week.