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Thursday, February 27, 2014

#Summers Growth by Tina Gayle-An Eggcerpt Exchange

"Summer's Growth." - part of the Eggcerpt Exchange fun.

Blurb -

In the spirit-haunted Winston estate in Ohio, rooted in time and occupied by the lingering ghosts of a great family, the torch is about to pass...

Mattie Winston, sober, sensible, and steady, has served as Keeper to the family for decades. Amber Harrison, hovering on the edge of flunking out of college, unsure what she wants out of life, has barely even heard of the Winston estate. The family, however, has decided that it's time for the changing of the guard. These two exceptional women soon find themselves dealing with violence, murder attempts, and old family mysteries while each finding the love of her life. Two romances and a growing friendship, all twined around a brooding family tragedy, make for an outstanding paranormal mystery offering depth and charm beyond the commonplace. The growing love of Amber and Carter and of Mattie and Quincy offer readers a tender and engaging first novel in a winning new paranormal series.

Now the eggcerpt

“Trust us child to find a soul who will honor your position. Nothing will remove your fears until you can reclaim your life’s mission and enjoy the rest of your days on earth.”

 “But what if Amber doesn’t like it here? She’s a young college student from sunny California. Why would she move to Ohio where it’s cold? Even in the summer, we don’t have beautiful weather. The rain can last for days.”

 “There is no dispute,” Jonathan growled. “Amber is a Winston. She longs to live here.”
  “But you don’t get it. There’s no guarantee. Josh has lived here all his life. He’ll do a good job.” Mattie wished Jonathan could see her point. Things might not turn out like he’d planned.

“Besides Cynthia will be deeply hurt when she finds out everything is under the control of a stranger instead of her son. She won’t understand.”

 “The Council’s point exactly. Cynthia cares only for gold, not for others. It’s best for the family to have someone else as the keeper.”

  The havoc this decision would cause in Mattie’s life washed bitter bile through her mouth. She swallowed, hard. -

Purchase at:

Thanks for letting me share,

Tina Gayle

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Snippet-Dark Desire Inspiration

For some reason Book Hooks is experiencing a technical problem, or my computer is just being stubborn, can't tell which since technology is NOT my forte. So in the spirit of Book Hooks I am giving you a snippet of my fourth book in the Dark Breed Enforcer series, due out this spring.
This beautiful man you see here was my inspiration for Zeke, the only thing missing is his shades. 
So, here is a small taste of Dark Desire hope you enjoy.
Zeke bit out a vicious curse as he tore hell through the alley, his boots pounding the pavement with in a quick thumping tempo. He burst out the alley turning a sharp right, startled to find a homeless man pushing a grocery cart full of his belongings right in his path. The old man cried attempting to move out of the way abandoning his belongings in a frantic effort to avoid the collision.
Gathering his strength, muscles bunching he leapt. His long legs carrying him clear of the cart. The heavy thump of his boots on the concrete, drowned out by the old man cussing him out. Zeke ignored it, bolting forward, his arms pumping to give him greater speed. His eyes riveted ahead at the dark haired lycan sprinting ahead of him.
God damn Pure Bloods.
He didn’t have time for this shit. He thought he kept upwind of Lucien’s sensitive nose. As he chased after Temple Fox’s top dog…or wolf, he cursed the March winds notorious in the Las Vegas valley. Shifting direction with a sudden micro burst of air Lucien stiffened, raising his head to sniff the air and just that quick he’d been made.
The quick and easy grab and dash for Oman’s Seal dying a quick death as the asshole took off leading him a merry chase through old town Las Vegas. So far the crowds have been sparse, but he knew his luck wouldn’t last. When it came to the lycan it never did.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday -Gearing Up for a Very Busy Spring!

My character inspiration for Rogan Nauld of Firestorm. It only seemed fitting to have him adorn this blog post since I'm hard at work on his story. Firestorm will be out this summer just a few months after Soul Fire officially releases.
Dark Breed Enforcer fans have no fear, I've also got the next book going and if everything times right you won't have too long a wait for it.
Spring is coming and I seem to be getting even busier, a good thing for the most part, but can be exhausting. Juggling a day job can make life a bit more complicated when all you want to do is curl up to you computer and write. The real world keeps knocking on the door demanding bills to be paid.
So the juggling act continues. Thankfully it's only eight hours a day I'm committed to, and the rest of the time it's writing, fitting in some time for hubby and housework.
Oh, and I can't forget Hot Mojave Knights! Things are heating up for the event as more interest is being generated daily.
After September I may need a sabbatical somewhere nice and quiet where I can vegetate for a week and maybe just read and paint? Nah, I already know my muse will insist on talking about some plot or character which just has to tell his story. But that's the way of a writers life. Creativity strikes when it wishes and you just have to grab on tight and take the ride.
And on that note friends it's time for me to get back to work, have an awesome week and we will talk again. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beloved Wizard Book 1 -Knights of Excalibur Trilogy #BHooks

MFRW Authors Blog
When I started this series most people thought it's been done to death and yeah, I do agree with that sentiment, or a part of it anyway.  I'm not a big fan of Thomas Malory's  Le Morte d'Arthur. His take on the legend of King Arthur and his Knights seems to be the most popular theme. I wanted to bring fresh life into a tired tale and see things from different points of view. I wrote this for those like me who have always thought what if...


Arthur and his Knights are back and ready to kick ass!
Merci Tramaine is not happy to be called back into service by her old boss Arthur, especially when she is charged to find her missing ex-lover. Drake Monroe is Merlin reincarnated, with his powers bound by the Goddess Nimue he has become a skilled fighter, but no match for Nimue who kidnapped him determined to destroy him forever.
The bloodline of Morgan Le Fey taints Merci keeping her on the edge between light and dark, the Goddess’s wicked trap springs shut leaving both Drake and Merci racing against the clock. Passions ignite once again, but are they too late to plan a future or will they be torn from each other?
This time for eternity.
My Hook

Her skin stung like the bite of a thousand fire ants as a small burst of electricity arched over her arms, snapping with pent up energy. The stench of ozone, hanging like a heavy cloud in the still air, filled the area. The force arched into Nimue, dropped her to the floor. Merci offered a feral smile while Nimue wreathed in pain against her magic. She bent down close enough for Nimue to hear her. “Since you don’t know me, I will explain this to you. You don’t fuck with what is mine. Drake, is mine.”
Available now at the following links: 
Barns and Noble:



Monday, February 17, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday - Dark Desire finished and Firestorm underway!

Welcome to another Monday edition of Pick Me Up Monday!
This should get you perked up for the day, what I wouldn't give to just untie that belt of his...he is such a beautiful male.
Well time to get to work, these books don't write themselves after all.
I'm happy to say Donna Newman is the winner of the Hearts of Fire blog hop and just got the PDF's for the Dark Breed Enforcer series. Thanks to all of those who left a comment. It was a tough call to make and ended up going to random to pick my winner.
I'm finished with Dark Desire -Whoo hoo! Putting "The End" on a WIP always leave me feeling sad and elated. Sad that the story has come to it conclusion and elated because I can start to work on another world and immerse myself with another set of awesome characters.
Though Zeke's story may be done the Dark Breed Enforcers have more tales to tell as their world get darker and much more dangerous. I must admit I'm enjoying where this series is taking me and can't wait to share this latest installment with you.
Another project is Firestorm, the second book in the Guardians of Drakkan series. Both books are due out in Summer and I must admit to being quite happy to expend all my focus on getting this book completed. Both Soul fire and this book will be released close to each other, while the third will be ready early next year. I'm very excited about this series since I get to use all the useless knowledge filling my noggin when it comes to history. You may be surprised at where the next dragon shape shifter ends up. That's all I'll say at this time.
Well back to the keyboard, hope your week is productive and see you next Monday!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Enter Their World -Dark Desire book 4 #SPeekSunday

My latest WIP is book 4 in the Dark Breed Enforcers series.
Zeke's book is pivotal game changer within their world. Here is a little blurb to whet your appetite.
A destiny he can no longer deny
Being heir to the throne of Atlantis is not all it’s cracked up to be. Especially if you live under a world altering prophecy he is powerless to prevent. Ze’Kerhia is simply known as Zeke, the computer wizard and fighter for the branch of Enforcers lead by Marcus Valerian. He must now return to a life he walked away from in order to save a friend. Forced into a marriage to a woman he never met. Worse, she is Lemurian, a long standing enemy of Atlantis for thousands of years.
A brutal betrayal
One look at Laris Raail and Zeke knows he’s in trouble. He is captivated by her stunning dark beauty and grace, but more, he senses an intelligent and caring woman beneath which stirs his blood like no other could. With hopes high for the future he is unprepared to find a Lemurian dagger buried deep in his heart by the hand of his new bride, Laris.
A deadly plot revealed
Acting on a tip, Zeke finds Laris after seven long months of searching. Revenge his only motive. He is unprepared when he finds Laris with no memory of her past or even her name. It doesn’t take much time before Zeke realizes they are being hunted. Caught in a plot so treacherous, the dark breeds and humans alike may be unable to prevent the war it would spark. It’s up to the two of them to try and prevent more bloodshed and reveal the traitor in their midst.
Can they survive long enough to prevent the slaughter of innocent lives? Or will they too, perish before revealing who is behind a plot to enslave the world.
Zeke finally reveals what's behind his every present shades.
Sneak Peek 
His nostrils flared and he groaned in approval. “You smell so good. Sweet as the most decadent desert. One I’m going to take my time enjoying.”
Her knees weakened at his words. The man knew what to say to a woman; soon she would be nothing but a puddle at his feet. “Do you sleep with those things on?” The words came out before she could bite them back.
His deep chuckle seeped under her skin causing her blood to burn hotter, her nipples tightened into aching nubs. The desire to rub them over the luscious expanse of his chest nearly undid her. Never had she wanted any male as she did him.
He leaned in close his hot breath caressing the skin on her neck as he whispered in her ear. “I don’t wear anything to bed.”
A whimper forced its way from her lips as he straightened, his smile turning into a wicked grin showing white even teeth. “If they bother you then, I guess you should take them off.” His demand came on a rush of air, his breathing turning harsh as his fingers stroked up to her arms to rest upon her shoulders.
Her hands trembled slightly as they rose to his face, lightly stroking over the sides of the dark glass and lifted them off. She gasped in wonder at the sight of such alien beauty.
I know I'm rotten, but the good news is you won't have too long to wait for it's release...promise. Now check out all the other sneak peaks being offered this Sunday.
Just click here and you will be sent to the home page of Sneak Peek Sunday. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Enter Their World - Dark Hunter Book 3 -#MFRWBookHooks

MFRW Authors Blog

Happy Hump Day all! It's time for another taste of Dark Hunter book 3 in the Dark Breed Enforcers series.
Vampire Mari Ankamunan struggles to pick up the pieces of her life after her bar The Asp becomes a war zone between the Enforcers and members of the Preservation Society, who want all dark breeds wiped out. The sudden appearance of the only man she ever loved brings her world to a crashing halt, for she witnessed his brutal murder two thousand years ago.
Navar’s spoken oaths to his Sire cost him Mari. Torn from her side by the sidhe queen, he is her Hunter, delivering justice for crimes against the breeds. Now freed he returns to his lovers side only to be caught in a dark plot where Mari is targeted for death.
The stakes are high, can they uncover a deadly plot against the Enforcers or will Navar lose Mari, forever by an assassin’s hand?

Book Hook

“My god, Mari! You look like you’ve seen a ghost. What the hell is wrong with you?” Anya grabbed Mari’s arm to steady her.
Oh, gods, it can’t be!
The irony in Anya’s words hit her with all the power of a semi, leaving her mute, able only to gaze upon the man who sired her with a desperate kind of hunger. Like a woman dying of thirst, she drank him in and noted with surprise the changes to the man she knew two thousand years ago.
Dark Hunter is available at:
Available at:

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hearts on Fire Blog Hop!

I interrupt my regular scheduled blog entry for an awesome blog hop.

Here's your chance to win a plethora of books and more! This one is a biggie so don't miss out on your chance to win:

This gorgeous heart pendant with a 20 carat lab ruby with a 14k gold chain...PLUS signed paperbacks from each author -entire series by Victoria and Kym. 
Thinking about Valentines day I have to say there are several things that I find have feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. This is my list of the 10 most romantic things.
1) Candlelight dinner wearing...not a damn thing.
2) Seeing a father holding his child.
3) One single red rose.
4) An I love you for no reason except they felt the emotion so strong at that precise moment.
5) Spending even a day with each other with no interruptions.
6) Making dinner together and burning it because all your attention is on each other.
7) Date nights. No matter how long you have been together it is important to still have a night of wooing.
8) Afternoon phone calls just to say he's thinking of you.
9) Sharing bubble baths.
10) Hugs and kisses for no other reason than the need to be close. 
For my part I will select one lucky commenter to win their choice of:
PDF for the Dark Breed Series, books 1 -3
Signed paperback of my trilogy The Knights of Excalibur
Your choice and all you need do is tell me what was your favorite valentines gift you ever received. Be sure to add which books you want. Here is a quick blurb for each series.
Welcome to their world
Tambra Ellis has just had her world turned upside down! Surviving a bite from a Lycan, attracted to one hot vampire guy and now she has to look forward to turning into something from some bad werewolf movie.
          Marcus Valerian has enough on his plate without the added complication of Tambra Ellis. Fiery and independent? Sure. Beautiful with a body made for sin? Oh Yeah. And a human cop. Tambra is everything he needs to stay away from.
    As leader of the Tribunal’s enforcers it’s up to him to find out why the Dark Breeds are going feral and killing humans in ever increasing numbers. Tambra’s life is in the balance as the secrets of her past place her in the middle of old deceits and a betrayal that will change the world forever.
     Will Marcus and Tambra’s love survive or will it be too late.
With ferals attacking the human populace in greater numbers than ever before, Tegan Murin has his hands full these days. When he is ordered to find and destroy a deadly artifact known as Oman’s Seal, deal with his estranged step-father and find a missing archeologist. He’s a bit irritable. Add into the mix a recurring dream of one sexy seductress leading him to his death… well, you get one very pissed off were-panther.

Kyra Navarone is an archeologist who is more than what she seems. Escaping from the ferals who captured her, she ends up running into the brooding, irritating man who makes her blood run hot just with one look. Her life depends on the betrayal of this compelling man, but how can she live with herself afterward?

With ferals, An Atlantean Tracker and Lucien closing in on them, they are running out of time, Tegan and Kyra must learn to trust each other in order survive. More hangs in the balance than their lives. Their actions could very well spell the end of everything for not just their world, but the world hidden beneath the waves as well.

Vampire Mari Ankamunan struggles to pick up the pieces of her life after her bar The Asp becomes a war zone between the Enforcers and members of the Preservation Society, who want all dark breeds wiped out. The sudden appearance of the only man she ever loved brings her world to a crashing halt, for she witnessed his brutal murder two thousand years ago.
Navar’s spoken oaths to his Sire cost him Mari. Torn from her side by the sidhe queen, he is her Hunter, delivering justice for crimes against the breeds. Now freed he returns to his lovers side only to be caught in a dark plot where Mari is targeted for death.
The stakes are high, can they uncover a deadly plot against the Enforcers or will Navar lose Mari, forever by an assassin’s hand?
King Arthur and his Knights are back and ready to kick ass!
Beloved Wizard
Merci Tramaine is not happy to be called back into service by her old boss Arthur, especially when she is charged to find her missing ex-lover. Drake Monroe is Merlin reincarnated. With his powers bound by the Goddess Nimue, he has become a skilled fighter, but is no match for Nimue who kidnapped him, determined to destroy him forever.
The Knights Druid
Colin and Juliet are unprepared for the flare of attraction that ignites between them from across a moonlit parking lot. Dare she open herself and expose her cursed gift? Can he save Juliet from Vance’s twisted manipulations? Or will he lose his second chance at love? A showdown between good and evil is coming to a head with Juliet and Colin right in the middle.
The Kings Lady
Gwen McAllister finds herself between a rock and a hard spot. Drawn to the quiet strength and confidence of Arthur. It isn’t until her memories are savagely restored by a vengeful goddess that she realizes who she is and the bitter betrayal she caused. Even her familiar, a mouthy Himalayan named Salt seems to be against her, demanding she trust the very man she destroyed.

Remember, just tell me what was your favorite valentines gift you ever received, and be sure to add which books you want.


Friday, February 7, 2014

El Pregio the Price of Passion by Jean Maxwell

Following your passions, whether in your past, present or future, comes at a price.
Happily in love with engineer David Parker, and pursuing her new career as CEO of Flynn Enterprises in sunny Spain, architect Zara Flynn’s idyllic world is shaken to the core with a single text message. She must return home to Montreal to deal with an apartment break-in and the theft of her car. At the same time, her heart is put on the line by a woman from Dave’s past who claims to be pregnant with his child.
Her mind reeling, she flees to Montreal to do damage control on her property, landing in the arms of an old flame who spares no expense in trying to win her back. Exhausted and vulnerable, she is charmed by his attention, but can he be trusted?
Zara is torn between two worlds, when the most devastating news of all is revealed. Can she make things right with Dave, or has she already lost him to another woman?

As you all are aware I don't give out many reviews, being very busy most of my time is spent between juggling  writing, a day job and putting on Hot Mojave Knights a reader event here in Las Vegas. But there are times when I see something special in an author that I must give kudos's to. With so many books out there it's easy to overlook a great book. Such is the case with Jean Maxwell's Spanish Seduction series. This is the second book of the series, the first is El Mirador which begins the tale between Zara Flynn and David Parker. I have not read the first book (yet) and was very pleased to find I never go lost in the plot. She weaves the story throughout the book without any background dumping, which I can tell you from experience is not always an easy thing to do.
El Pregio starts up where El Mirador leaves off. While Zara and David begin to settle into their relationship, there are those conspiring to pull them apart for their own selfish gains. Trust and letting go of the past are the lessons both characters must learn. Lessons we all go through ourselves in a new relationship.
Ms Maxwell weaves a story of unforgettable love. You find yourself rooting for them after the first chapter.  Her antagonists are well written, their flaws and fears so relatable that you find yourself wanting them redeemed even after all they put Zara and David through. 
I started reading this book not sure what to expect. I've gotten tired of thin plots where sex is the main focal point. Don't get me wrong, I write sex in my books when needed, but I have found far too many lately which have left me feeling cheated. Ms. Maxwell on the other hand gives you intimate and hot as hell sex where you are completely invested in the feelings of the characters.
I am looking forward to much more from this author in the future. This is one author you don't want to pass up.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Enter Their World -Dark Hunter Book 3 -#MFRWBookHooks

MFRW Authors Blog
Welcome to another edition to my most recent release Dark Hunter. Mari has survived thousands of years of loneliness, her only love killed before her eyes. Or so she thought until he walked into her bar The Asp and everything she knew came crashing down around her. 

I will always be there for you


She shook her head hard as Navar’s words swirled inside her head. Words spoken to her as she’d opened her eyes and saw him for the first time. Her first memory when she awoke as vampire. But it was a lie, and a sharp stab of pain struck deep in her heart.
He opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly she didn’t want to hear anything he had to say. Not right now anyway. With a firm shake of her head, she raised one hand to stop him. “Forget it. There is nothing you can say. Just go.”


Available at:


Monday, February 3, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday - Soul Fire and Firestorm to Release in Summer.

Happy Monday all.
Unfortunately the release date for Soul Fire as been pushed back to early summer. The good news is you won't have to wait long for the second book. Firestorm will be released soon after. So while I'm working out publication dates for both of them and working out the third book, you will soon be seeing the next release in the Dark Breed Enforcer series Dark Desire.
So  for this week I'm still working edits on Dark Desire and writing the rough draft of Firestorm and working both the third book of The Guardians of Drakkan and fifth book in the Dark Breed Enforcer series. Along with two anthologies I'm in, this is going to be quite a busy year a head of me.
And speaking of busy, I better get to it. Have a great week. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Enter Thier World -Dark Passion Rising Book One #SPeekSunday

Welcome to the next installment of Dark Passion Rising. The first book in the Dark Breed Enforcers series.
Marcus is have a hell of a time forgetting the fiery metro cop Tambra Ellis, but needing to feed he finds his way to his old friend Mari who runs a bar called The Asp for dark breeds who may need a little blood and whatever else a vampire may desire. But this night he may have gotten much more than he bargained for. 

Sneak Peek

She hesitantly nodded, removing her hand from him and again exposing her neck. Pulling her wrist toward him, he struck quickly, his long canines punching into her vein. She moaned in pleasure, squirming closer to his broad chest. Her blood filled his mouth, spilling down his throat and sending power through his blood stream. Taking deep pulls, he sated his hunger then lapped at her wounds to seal the deep punctures on her wrist before releasing her. He resisted the urge to fling her away from him. He rose, unable to stand the feel of her against him for another second, and sent her tumbling back against the pillows. Confusion clouded her pretty face as she looked up at him.

“Thank you for your generosity. That is all I require,” Marcus mumbled, placing a few folded bills on the dresser before turning and heading out of the room. He didn’t stop until he was once again outside in the oppressive heat, the night shadows wrapping tightly around him, soothing his panic.  Never in his long years of life had he been repelled by the nearness of a beautiful woman. That could only mean…no. He would not even think it. Fate could not be so cruel as to give him a Consort he could never have. Tambra belonged to another and that was the end of it.

A movement out of the corner of his eye drew his attention in time to see a figure duck between a house and vacant lot. Curiosity made him move forward until he stood looking down the long walkway between the house and the lot. At the end of the walkway, six figures moved out of the shadows to face him. He saw two vampires among the weres as they circled around him.

Ferals, he thought with disgust. Crouching low, he prepared for battle, knowing he was outnumbered, which was how he liked it. His lips twisted into a cold smile as he nodded at one particularly large Were.

“Time to dance with the Devil,” Marcus said softly as he pulled one of his daggers free of its sheath.

Click here to see all the snippets offered today.