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The Romance Reviews

Friday, November 5, 2010

What's New

After a lot of blood, sweat and a hell of a lot of hard work I have found a publisher that took my Christmas short story. It's going into an Anthology called T'was a Dark and Delicious Christmas. My story is called A Christmas Wish for Laura. Go over to Evernight Publishing's new and awesome website. Check out all the diverse talent they are developing.
For me, what i've found is the same for all writer'. The road to this moment was rough but so worth it! Working full time and writing is tuff. It takes alot of time management to accomplish. Sure there were times when I wanted nothing more that to veg in front of the TV. It's a case of making yourself write, even when it's bad put it down. You can always edit it later at least you have done something.
There is no time for me to rest though. I have several books in a series that I'm working on and have set a deadline on my self to finish, edit and submit before the end of the year. Hopefuly they will like it and I will next be blogging about it and the world I have created. What I can tell you is that it's the first book in a series and it's a Paranormal Romance, (of course.)
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