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The Romance Reviews

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pick Me Up Monday

Happy Monday!

In these dog days of summer I thought it might be refreshing to look at this beautiful man cooling down in a rain forest. Can you imagine how refreshing that water would be?

So much to share since last we spoke! I finish the Hot Heroes Blog today and will pick my winner this afternoon. That winner then be put with the other winners and one will be picked for the ultimate prize of a $100 Barnes and Nobel gift card. Pretty cool huh? I will do a quickie announcement on my blog on Wednesday to let you know who the winner was.

The Knights Druid is out and available through Amazon Kindle and eXtasy books. This is the second in the Knights of Excalibur series. As the plot thickens this one is much even steamier than the first! I won't give any spoiler alerts at this time since. I hope to have the third and final book out by late fall. The Kings Lady is the story of Arthur and Gwen and of course we can't forget Lancelot. There will be closure where Gwen will be able to tell her side of things and how poor Lancelot got caught up in it. Plus things really come to a head between Simon and Darius so you really want to stay tuned on how everything turns out between these two, plus how Arthur and his Knights safe the world from Mordred. I think you will find the twist quite interesting.The Knights Druid

On Saturday August 18th I had my first local book signing at Paseo Verde Library in Henderson, NV. I was joined by Shioban Miur, Johanna Riley, Siobhan Muir, Katie Salidas and Laura Hunsaker.
We met some wonderful readers and cherished the time I could spend with these talented local authors. I also had a special surprise when two of my Bunco partners showed up to support me. Yeah, I kind of became a blubbering idiot for a moment since they touched my heart with their support. I felt humbled by there presence when they had so much to do that day, they squeezed in time to see me. What wonderful ladies.

I also wanted to let everyone know that my dream for a readers event in Las Vegas has grown wings and is flying high! With the talents of RM Sotera, Siobhan Muir and Johanna Riley we opened for registration on August 16th and so far have 9 Featured Authors! There has been wonderful response to our baby and we hope to offer a top notch, exciting experience for all fans of romance, whatever you favorite genre may be I'm sure you will find what you like here.
So yes, I guess you can say I've been busy Lol! And this is not counting all those WIP's I'm working on. My passion is writing and sharing my worlds with you and feel very humble that you take the time to read and enjoy my work. Thank you all for the support you give.
Have a wonderful week and we will talk soon.

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