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The Romance Reviews

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pick Me Up Monday - Scavanger Hunt and Hot Mojave Knights Updates

Now this is how to start your week. So many stories come to mind too bad I'm not doing a flash fiction piece. Then again, it may be too racy for even one of those.
Welcome to my corner of the blogosphere. If your new to my blog then welcome. I try every Monday to do a recap of stuff that went on the past week, which includes my WIP's. I also add my impressions on the writing profession as a whole. Not that I'm an expert mind you, but I do share my experiences as I make my way ever upward in my chosen profession.
The one thing I never talk about is polotics and religon. Way too many good arguments on both sides to go into that can of worms, plus isn't life complicated enough?
One of the things I like to do is get you notice when I'm doing a giveaway - when I have enough time that is. And right now I am doing a month long giveaway that really rocks. Just go to and you can get yourself entered to win all the goodies being offered. For me I'm offering up the first two books in my Knights of Excalibur series.
I'm getting close to finishing up The Kings Lady and should have to my editor by the end of this month - barring any unforseen delays, that is. I have also started work on Zeke's story. The third book in the Dark Breed series and am loving the way it's coming together.

In other news I'm in Book Trailer Showcase emag. I did up a small short story which will be sure to interest you if you follow the Dark Breed series.
or you can dowload the emag yourself at
In other news our little romance reader event called Hot Mojave Knights can't be called little anymore. We are honored to have New York Times Bestselling Author Jade Lee signed up and have at least three more big names considering it. Plus we are getting sponors from Decadent Publishing and eXtasy Books so far and more to follow there also.
Even though it's a year plus one month away this is the time to get everything planed. A big undertaking that need the time to do it right. So I'm very excited to see my baby taking its first steps. Something that wouldn't have happened if not for the help of my committee members RM Sotera, Meg Muir and Joanne Riley. They saw my dream and beleived as strongly in it as I do. With that much committment and passion who could fail to have a top notch event. The scheduel is rough, but one thing is clear. We will have intimate incounters where you and a small bunch of readers will have one on one with the authors of your choices, panels and activities like build a Knight and Shades of Grey 101. So much happening that it is sure to please every taste.
So you could say I have my plate full, but I wouldn't have it any other way. When opportunity knocks you don't tell it to come back at a better time.
And speaking of opportunity, I have the time to put in a few thousand words on my WIP so I better get going. Have a wonderful week and talk to you next Monday.

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