The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pick Me Up Tuesday - After Romcon Special!

I could really get into snuggling up to this beautiful male.
The Mimosa Madness Crew!
Well, back from Romcon and I must say that it was a phenomenal event! Heather Graham was a hoot, keeping me in stitches every time we got together and through all her great successes she was a down to earth approachable lady who I would love to meet up with again. Terry Spears, what can I say? A talented and great lady who I enjoyed meeting immensely. Gina Showalter was a doll, always with a smile and kind word for every person who approached her.  
Pamela Palmer was such a classy lady who helped me pour Mimosa's for the Mimosa Madness party we were part of hosting. Donnell Bell, you rock girl and value our new friendship. Also to the other Mimosa Madness crew, Hope Ramsey, Sandy Loyd, Kate George, Darynda Jones and Barb Han, big cyber hugs to all of you!


Then there are those who you chat with on facebook, hoping for a day when you can finally meet face to face. Shyla Colt you are awesome girl and spending time with you was a memory I will always cherish. See you on the bestsellers list!

 When I met Robin Kaye it seemed like we have been old friends for years, she is so comfortable to be around the time flew when we got together. Robin, I cherish the friendship you so openly gave to me. I see many years of crazy and happy times coming for the two of us.

I made many connections this year that are the start of new friendships I would never have had the opportunity to have if not for Romcon and can't wait to see all of you again. Vickie I can't wait to see you at Hot Mojave Knights!

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