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Monday, June 30, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday - Happy Independence Day!

Happy Monday!

As everyone prepares for the approaching holiday with family and friends it brings back memories of summers past and the ones who always stay in your heart.
I remember summers spent at James Camp up at Kern River above Lake Isabella. Hanging with my cousins Deborah and Denise who I grew up with. We would swim at a local swimming area called the Curve and walk to the little market to grab as much penny candy as we could carry. We would sit by the fire at night and talk and laugh the night away watching our crazy family with their antics. Made me wonder sometimes who were the adults and who the teenagers lol!
It was there I fell in love for the first time and had my first heartbreak. Life lessons learned and kept close to my heart.

Life has not always been so idyllic as an adult, but those carefree times helped me through to rough spots. Of all the people in my life who inspired and encouraged me my cousins top the list. If not for them I don't know if I would ever had the courage to embrace my creative side. Denise especially had an impact on me. In incredible artist and creative genus with fashion design, she was always there in my informative years to help me embrace my uniqueness. Not always a good thing in my family. The odd duck in a pond of exquisite swans Denise guided me to embrace my creative side, my dreamer, who gave me the emotion and words so I could put them on paper. First in illustrations and then with words on paper. What ever success I receive in this world is due to her and Deborah's influence on me as a child. So, in closing, I dedicate this post to my twin cousins. Deborah, who has passed on leaving loving memories behind and Denise, my secret mentor who guided me when I was young. That guidance helped me to find myself. Her positive words an echo resounding in my soul to this day and giving me the strength to step out of my safety zone and take a risk. 
Guess what Denise, I did it and it all began with you.

Everyone have a wonderful holiday, be safe and I'll chat with you again on Monday. 


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