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The Romance Reviews

Monday, June 9, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday-Opensim and Greyville's Writing Colony. A New marketing frontier.

Surf's up!
Thoughts of white sandy beaches and bikinis come to mind. He looks like a California dream to me.

Just wanted to take a few minutes out to touch base. It's been crazy since last I posted. I went to Phoenix on the 30th for Arizona Dreaming and as usual the reader event was awesome. It was so good to connect with my Arizona buddies who made me feel right at home. I wish I could but you all in my pocket and keep you with me.
Then it was a grueling week at the day job filled with long hours and very little rest. 
With edits for Dark Desire in and still trying to finish Firestorm you would think I had enough on my plate right?

Wrong. Hot Mojave Knights is only months away and I have tons of other promotion with a new writers colony I hooked up with. It's on Opensim and it's the wave of the future for marketing. Greyville, the writers colony lead by talented author Nara Malone has been gathering authors near and far. We have exciting plans for workshops, a ball and a PJ party and let's not forget the robot avatars we are working on who will recite a story for your pleasure. So much is happening and all so very exciting!
We back to work, the elves are on strike and refuse to finish my writing and editing for me...ungrateful brats!
We will talk again.

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