The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Monday, February 23, 2015

Pick Me Up Monday- A New Week Full of Promise

Happy Monday Peeps

Here we are with another week full of possibilities. This is a Rogan inspired pic. Getting me in the right frame of mind to delve into the mists of time. Back to ancient Pompeii, where my hero Rogan finds more trouble than he bargained for. All in a small curvy package called Sabine.

In March I will be leading my workshop into Fast Draft, and by the end of the month either they will hate or love me...I'm betting on hate lol! It will be a grueling pace where no matter what they must make a word count of 1000 or more words a day on their WIP. Ah, I can feel my ears already burning as I crack that whip. 

This will free me up to finish this darn book of Rogan's and get a good start of a few others which are waiting in the wings for some TLC. 

So with that, I'm off to write. Remember that whatever you do this week, small or big, strive for your dreams. We will talk again.

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