The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Monday, March 30, 2015

Pick Me Up Monday- A Precious Gift

This black and white holds an intensity that grabs your attention. What strong emotion is this beautiful man in the grips of? What is the cause? My mind can easily build a story behind this picture. This image calls to me, haunts me and challenges me to look closer, share his emotion and put it on paper. 

And that, dear friends is what art does. It moves you beyond your own life and into another realm. Stirs your emotions and enables you to share in the beauty of creation. What ever the medium, be it photography, painting or words on paper, the end result is the same. It evokes your passion and pleasure. 

What a precious gift to give the world. 

As I work on my latest book, this is what I strive for. To pull you out of the mundane world where bills and stress circle around like vultures, and give you a small amount of escapism, to connect to emotion and live through my words another life and time. 

That is what all artists strive for. A small piece of themselves given to the world in the hopes it offers pleasure and release from the day to day stresses. If my work does this, then I can not complain. To create quite simply, is an obsession, a compulsion to share with the world our imagination. 

And perhaps if we are very lucky, we touch a person and give them an unforgettable moment of enjoyment. 

Until next week, be productive and enjoy springs awakening.

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