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The Romance Reviews

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Pick Me Up

     Okay friends here is this weeks inspiration...Sigh. I hope everyone had a good weekend as for me? Not so much. Came down with the sucky flu on Tuesday which had me down flat untill Sunday. The only bright spot was I did get my first edits finished and sent back and had the chance to talk a little with my editor - very sweet and talented Lady!

     So now that I have a little time before the next round of edits to come in I can work on the second book of the Dark Breed series which is coming together quite nicely. I am also busy working on several other books and if I time this all just right you will be seeing several different books from me this year *fingers crossed* hopefully the muse will keep with me.

     Well, back to work and come back and see what's up and who is my next Monday Pick Me Up. Feel free to post a comment and I will get back to you.

Until next Monday have a great one,

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  1. He is yummy. Could do without the smattering of chest hair though, lol. I know what you mean by inspiration. Without fail, when I need inspiration I turn on Celine Dion, "The Power of Love" Corny but it works for me!
    Glad to hear your writing is coming along good. I can't wait to take a mini break and get some reading done. Hope to see a blurb and excerpt for Dark Breeds soon!