The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Pick Me Up

Good Morning it's Monday once again. Hope everyone is rested from the weekend. Me, not so much. Been busy working the first draft of an exciting new series while stopping by the Dark Breeds neighborhood to work on Tegan's story. Boy, these boys get demanding! But that's OK they are so yummy to look at I can forgive them anything.

In the months to follow look for the gorgeous Enforcers of the Dark Breed to stop by for a quick interviews. Yep that's right, they all have finally agreed to step up and talk about their lives.

So, If there is anything you want to ask one of them just email me a comment and I'll see to it that you get your answer.

Expect Marcus to come by the last part of March, more details to following in future blogs.

Have a wonderful week and will see you next Monday!

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