The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Pick Me Up

     Another week has come and gone. Boy, the do go fast these days! Hope everyone had a great week. This pic is dedicated to my BBF Gypsy. Enjoy hon.
     I just finished the second run of edits for Dark Passion Rising and am excited about it's release in March. I am fortunate to have a fabulous editor who really brought out my best work. Big hug Hannah you are the best!

     I also started revisions on my new book The Summoning it's a Paranormal Romance set in present time. Along with that I have been hard at work drafting the second in the Dark Breed series. It starts six months after where we left off in Dark Passion Rising. I'm hoping to be in the revision stage of the sequel by spring.

     There is several other projects on deck but for the moment I am just concentrating on these two. Also don't forget, I have Marcus Valerian's interview coming up in March. He will be talking about Dark Breeds and what being an Enforcer entails.  More of this on future posts.

Have a great week I know I will.

Shannan Albright

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