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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Author Spotlights Kelly Yeakle

Welcome to my little cyber cubby. Today I have the honor of chatting with Kelly Yeakle so pull up a chair and pour yourself some coffee. Kelly is going to be giving one lucky reader a copy of her latest work. A seasonal anthology Stockings & Suspenders.

As the temperature drops, the women in this collection of stories find naughty and delicious ways to warm up for the holidays.

A boss with a proposal to make her sweat, a promise from an Italian assistant, a cabin in the middle of nowhere with two men waiting to cater to her every desire, a special surprise for a lonely solider...

All of these encounters and more from ten talented authors. Get ready for some holiday loving...Evernight style.

How do you enter to win? Comment on this blog with a complete listing of my published works with Evernight (hint, there are 4, and they must be my story titles, not necessary the books they’re in). Provide an email address in the comment section.

When will you be announcing the winner? I will choose a random winner three days after the blog is posted.

Very Exciting! Can all your titles be found at Evernight Publishing? Yes, you can find them by clicking on:

Do you do anything to get you into the zone to write?
 It depends. If I’m already in the mindset to write, then nothing else is necessary. But, if I need a little push, music usually does the trick. If I’m writing a fight scene then I go for hard rock or metal, and if I’m writing love I try to find a sweet song or slow jam that stirs up my emotions.

 Which authors inspire your writing?
 Nora Roberts is the biggest inspiration for my writing. I love her style, the way she can weave a story is amazing. I also love Kerrelyn Sparks, Rachel Caine, and Becca Fitzpatrick.

What is your favorite book, character and why?
 Honestly, I don’t have a favorite book. I love too many to pick just one. As far as characters, my favorite type of character is a woman who doesn’t cower in fear of the unknown. I like strong female characters who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

Do you prefer to write erotic or sweet?
I think my writing is hot at times, but I don’t think I’ve made it to that erotic level. I enjoy writing all levels of romance, but sometimes sweet can be just as fulfilling as the hotter stuff.

Which famous person, living or dead, are you drawn to?
 I’m not really drawn to any famous people. Though, I would have loved to have met and talked with Princess Diana.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years I would like to see my name recognized in the writing world more. I’d like to have at least another 10 full length novels in circulation along with a vast spread of short stories and novellas. I’d like to get to a point in my life where I could stay home and write full time. That’s my main goal.

Finish this sentence: I know I’ve made it when
 I’m making enough money to quit my real job!

What advice would you give aspiring writers?
Join a writing group where you can learn and grow with other aspiring writers. Find your niche and perfect it. Take criticism well, and learn from it. But most of all, if you really love writing, never give up.

What do you see yourself writing in the future?
 I think I will continue to tap into the paranormal realm. I will keep writing sweet contemporary stories. I see myself continuing to write lesbian romance because I think there really is a demand for it. I also want to try my hand at YA.

If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?
 If I had one superpower I would like to be able to freeze time so I could get a few extra hours of sleep every morning!

What time of the day are you at your best to write?
It varies. Sometimes I get the best pieces written after the kids go to bed and my husband is still working. Other times it’s staying up really late when the whole house is quiet and I’m just not tired enough to go to bed. But then there are mornings after I’ve driven the kids to school when I sit down in my computer chair and things just flow. So, for me there really isn’t any particular rhyme or reason J

And now for something completely different…

What do you look at first with an attractive man or woman, face, body or smile?
 Eyes. I think you can tell a lot from a person’s eyes.

Explain your perfect day.
My perfect day is one spent doing fun stuff with my children. When I can put aside the laundry or other chores and we can explore the backyard together, work on a craft, or just sit and read a good book. It’s one with an outdoor picnic, and three little faces smiling at me like I’m the most awesome person in the world. And once they’re tucked away for the night, it’s a nice cup of French vanilla cappuccino topped with whipped cream, getting comfortable on my fluffy couch, and reading a great book.

What is the most decadent desert you can’t say no to?
 I have a terrible time turning down brownies. Doesn’t matter what kind, iced or not, dark chocolate, peanut butter, whatever. They get me every time!

Do you have a favorite holiday what is it and what makes it special to you?
 I love Halloween. It’s the one day of the year that I get to really be a kid. I get to go all out and dress up crazy and try to find wicked things to get into!

What key words describe you best? Honest, Loyal, and Kind

Thank you Kelly for taking the time out of your busy life to chat with me. I like so many of my readers love getting to know a little more about the person behind those creative stories you write and find common threads we share.


  1. Fun and informative interview. The titles for your 4 published works are Timeless, Forbidden Desires, Trixie's Treats, and Santa's Little Helper. Thanks for the giveaway.


  2. Thank you Shanna and Kelly for the great interview. Liked the Evernight site and I signed up for the newsletter. (New site for me)

    I'm adding your books to my reading challenges for 2012. (My blog post will link back to you.)
    Happy Holidays!

    Stockings and Suspenders : Santa's Little Helper
    Forbidden Desires
    Midnight Seduction : Trixie's Treats

    Mamaelk1113 at gmail dot com

  3. That was a great blog. Thanks so much for doing it. I already had one of your books, therefore I was quickly able to locate the others and they are:

    Timeless (4star)
    Forbidden Desires ( 4flames)
    Midnight Seduction: Trixie's Treat and last but certainly not least
    Stockings & Suspenders Anthology: Santa's Little Helper.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and Prosperous New Year.