The Romance Reviews

The Romance Reviews

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Six From Passion's Flight Book 2 of the Dark Breeds

Welcome to another six from Passion's Rising: A Dark Breed Novel Coming February 2012!

Warning: this is an adult excerpt.

He pushed away from the door, stalking toward her with a predator’s grace. Swiftly removing his clothes, his gaze locked and held her captive. His intent made her heart pound in her chest and the ache at her core became a throbbing pulse of anticipation. Tegan stood naked in front of her, his cock hard and erect, jutting out of the dark hair between his corded legs. His lean hips and hard bands of muscle flexing along his flat stomach made her mouth go dry as he slipped into the shower behind her.
 His heat enveloped her an enticement of what could come next.

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