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The Romance Reviews

Monday, July 29, 2013

Pick Me Up Monday - Wolverine My All Time Hero

Happy Monday!
Wolverine Opened July 26th and no, I haven't been able to see it yet, but you can bet I won't let this pass me by.
Well, it's been quite a busy time for me with the release of Dark Hunter on the 17th I've been all over the blogosphere, with the help of some wonderful authors. Today I'm over at Carlene Love Flores blog, Tuesday is a quick jog to Elyzabeth Valey's site. Then on the 31st join me at Author Island for my Cyber Launch Party where I will be holding a giveaway!
On August 1st you can find me on the lovely and talented Doris O'Connor's Blog. Whew! And the wonderful craziness keeps coming!
To recap last weeks Author spotlights/giveaways I want to congratulate Mary Preston who won a copy of Douglas Blacks new release A Secret Love.

Carlene Love Flores decided she couldn't pick just one winner and gave every commenter a copy of her release Sin's Flower. Thank both of you for your generosity. I'm sure all my readers appreciate not only the gift, but getting to know you both better.

Now what's up in my writing world? I'm getting close to completing Soul Fire so it will soon be in edit mode. Dark Desire is coming along at a fast clip and my Christmas story is developing very nicely also. Looks like I'm on a roll and am enjoying the ride, letting my muse take the front seat while I just write it down as quickly as I can. If things keep up as they are I will have made my New Years Eve Resolution of four published works this year, plus one extra!

Well, best get back to it. Have a wonderful week and we will talk again on Monday. I might just sneak in a few hours with my favorite hero ever. Wolverine here I come!

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