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The Romance Reviews

Friday, October 28, 2016

Books Worth Your Bucks-Bride for the Alien Warrior by Linda Mathers

Time for the FRIDAY HAPPY DANCE!!!!

What better way to celebrate the upcoming weekend by grabbing a new book, and we have some great offerings this week!

This week I have a very good Sci-Fi Romance novella. Linda Mathers time and again, brings to life not only compelling characters, but a depth of world building that pulls you in. 

Crash landing on an alien planet Emma couldn’t believe her bad luck. She thought it would be impossible for the day to actually become worse than it already was.
And then…

Captured by the Darri, a race of alien warriors, she soon finds herself the prize of their strong, big and drop dead sexy ruler Eliahu. The draw of her supple curves only increase his savage lustful desires.

What can a confident, beautiful and strong-willed woman expect when their alpha male ruler’s mating urges need to be satisfied?

And more importantly…

Can a relationship based on pure lust last enough to grow into true love?

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