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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Author Spotlights Sandy Nachlinger and Sandra Allen -I.O.U.SEX

I am ecstatic to bring not one but two awesome authors to my blog today. They will be talking about their latest release which sounds very scrumptious. Thank you both for coming over to the dark side. Lol! Don't worry my reader's only nibble.

After I.O.U. SEX was published, readers asked us where we came up with the idea for the book. Here’s what the two of us have to say about that: Blame it on a teenager’s diary!

Sandy Nachlinger
Sandra Allen

Actually, we could say it started when we met at Stockard Junior High School in Dallas, Texas, back in the 1960s. We went to the same high school too, and our friendship continued to grow. We have remained the best of friends ever since, staying in touch over the years through snail-mail letters, phone calls, emails, and visits back and forth whenever possible. Now one of us lives in Washington State (Sandy N.) and the other (Sandra A.) lives in North Texas.

Several years ago, on one of Sandy N.’s visits to North Texas, she brought her high school diary to share—just for laughs. We thought the entries were hilarious! As we read the pages, we giggled, guffawed, and gasped for breath until tears ran down our cheeks. Every time we’d read about making out with our boyfriends at the drive-in movies—while we still remained good girls, of course—we’d crack up all over again. How frustrated those poor guys must have been! Were we really so goody-goody back then? We speculated about what our first high school loves might be doing these days.

Since we’re both avid readers, it didn’t take long before we decided that the search for old boyfriends would make an excellent plot for a book. And so we wrote it, and I.O.U. SEX was born!

People also ask us, “Which one are you? June, Kiki, or Peggy?” They want to know if the characters or events in I.O.U. SEX are based on our own lives, circumstances, or experiences. We promise, the only things that came straight from the diary’s pages were the places—Dallas, Austin’s Barbeque, the Dairy Queen, and the drive-in movie theaters we went to during our teenage years. (OK. Sure. We do admit we made out with our boyfriends.) We even gave the high school a fictitious name. The characters and plot were the direct result of our warped brains and creative imaginations. Besides, neither of us would be brave (or foolish) enough to hunt down our old boyfriends. Would we?

Here’s a more recent photo of us.

                    So now that you know the inside scoop, here’s the synopsis of I.O.U. Sex.

What happens when three women, friends since high school days in Dallas, decide to search for old boyfriends decades later? That’s the plot of I.O.U. SEX.

When June, Kiki, and Peggy graduated from high school, all three of them were still virgins. After all, they were good girls. Years later, when the three women read June’s diary from their senior year, they joke about the sexual frustration they caused their steady boyfriends back then. That’s when Kiki makes a startling statement. “When you think about it, and I’m only trying to be fair, we owe those guys sex.” With bawdy jabs and tipsy laughter, they vow to track down their old boyfriends and just DO IT, which is something they definitely did NOT do years before.

Lives intertwined, the three friends share their quests with sexy, poignant, and sometimes hilarious results. Is each woman’s sexual I.O.U. paid in full? Will everyone get what he or she deserves? Or is this just another one of Kiki’s crazy ideas?

GIVEAWAY:  Leave a comment below, and we’ll enter you to win an eBook copy of I.O.U. SEX. If you’d like to tell us what became of your old high school boyfriend, we promise we won’t question your judgment in dating him, let anyone else know, or laugh about it. Okay, perhaps we’ll laugh, but at least you won’t hear us.

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  1. I personally know both authors and I am really proud of their genius and creative thinking...I have read their book 4 times...just love it!

    Michele Graham

  2. Mary Newton MaxwellApril 26, 2012 at 12:39 PM

    I, too, know the authors, and have since Stockard Jr High School. I read the entire book on-line, at one sitting. My interest was piqued at each chapter, especially when there was a mention of one of our teenage haunts. Book was great; storyline was just risque enough to keep me in my chair. Love the book; love the girls (authors, that is).

  3. This is such a great storyline and I love the excerpts I've read!

  4. Don't know either author and haven't yet read the book, but the premise sounds interesting. Yeah, I was "good girl," too. Not sure I'd want to go back and correct that, although there are a couple guys who might make it interesting , if only I knew where they might be.

  5. I didn't want to be the first male fan of the book but I guess I shall. I too read the book online (Cloud Reader) and could not put it down so to speak. All the events and places mentioned in the book were pleasant reminders of all the great times I had during High School in the 60's. I to have known some of these ladies both the authors and their friends and have many great memories revived from the book. Thanks Sandy and Sandra for the great trip back in time. I'm looking forward to your follow up book, I hope there is one. Regards, Pete Cervantes

  6. Hi to everyone, I just finished I.O.U. Sex and I loved it. I am just writing a review and will post it as soon as I am finished. I think the authors did a fabulous job of creating their characters. The story moved fast and I enjoyed every single page. Mary Firmin

  7. Very nice post. Sounds like an interesting book.