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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Enter there World -Dark Passion Rising:Book 1 of Dark Breed Enforcers #SPeekSunday

This week my offering comes from Dark Passion Rising, the first book in my Dark Breed Enforcer series.
            Tambra Ellis has just had her world turned upside down!
Surviving a bite from a Lycan, attracted to one hot vampire
guy and now she has to look forward to turning into
something from some bad werewolf movie.

          Marcus Valerian has enough on his plate without the
added complication of Tambra Ellis. Fiery and independent?
Sure. Beautiful with a body made for sin? Oh Yeah. And a
human cop. Tambra is everything he needs to stay away

    As leader of the Tribunal’s enforcers it’s up to him to find
out why the Dark Breeds are going feral and killing humans
in ever increasing numbers. Tambra’s life is in the balance as
the secrets of her past place her in the middle of old deceits
and a betrayal that will change the world forever.

     Will Marcus and Tambra’s love survive or will it be too
Sneak Peek
“Oh, God. This isn’t happening. It can’t be real. Werewolves don’t exist.”
“Believe me, they do exist. Denying what you have seen will be foolish and dangerous, for you and everyone you’re around.”

“No. I don’t believe this. I won’t believe it. There has to be  some logical explanation for what I saw.” The sharp edge of hysteria rose in her voice. “I will not turn into a dog. I don’t even like dogs.”
That made him smile despite the seriousness of the situation.
She was absolutely adorable and he was in deep shit because of it. Yet, he couldn’t seem to make himself care. “Wolf, not dog. You were bitten by a Lycan, not Lassie.”
“Ha, ha, laugh it up big guy. You don’t have to worry about fleas.”
Laughter rumbled out of him, surprising him as much as it seemed to anger her. Tambra stood in front of him, her golden hair tumbling wildly down her back, clutching the comforter tightly to her breasts. Her blue eyes glittered with anger and Marcus fought the urge to pull her into his arms and stroke her soft, creamy skin. He clenched his hands into fists and kept still. She was still too pale,evidence of the weakness he knew was plaguing her but, damn, she was magnificent. A true warrior, ready to fight regardless of the fact she couldn’t win.

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