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The Romance Reviews

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday -Cover Reveal!

And here it is!
It took an hour and a half for my graphic artist to see my vision. I can't say enough about the talent of Cara Michaels. Not only is she amazing at graphic artist, she is one hell of an author! See her books and more about this fabulous woman at:  You will not be disappointed.

I know you all have seen scenes, blurb and such on the much-anticipated  release date for Soul Fire, as it stands right now we are looking at a February date. Much depends on how quick I get my edits back and gets it out to you, my readers. I do have a month long giveaway for the release starting on February 1st at Coffee Times and Romance, of which I am proud to say I am one of their authors. Woopie! I also am working out other great events where you can win a copy of my newest book and will let cover this more within the next few weeks.
On other news, I'm more than half way through the next book in the Dark Breed Enforcers series and hope to have that for you soon as well.
Along with Dark Desire and Soul Fire expect another book from each series, this year as well as...Gasp! I'm trying my hand out on a contemporary romance! Yep, I'm taking a walk on the lighter side of life. Not that I will not write plenty of angst between the key characters, you know I thrive on torturing my characters lol!
I'm also working on several appearances this year. Yeah, I'm a hermit who relishes being in my little shell. Greta Garbo's famous words - "I just want to be left alone" were uttered with me in mind -even if I wasn't even born yet.
Geesh, guys really? I'm not that freaking old!!!
Well I better be getting back to work, have a busy week with a special guest spot on Tuesday 1/14/14 and much more! Hope you enjoy the book cover. Give me your thought if you like, I will respond back...promise.
Have a wonderful week

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