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The Romance Reviews

Monday, January 27, 2014

Pick Me Up Monday-Outlines, Plotting and another in book starting edits

There is just something about this that grabs my attention, perhaps it's the bit of fur wrapped across that yummy back?
Well, here we are again on my least favorite day of the week. I'm sooo not a Monday person. I have to work real hard to find anything which will pull me out of the doldrums. If you know me you already know there are two things I detest more than anything. Mondays and Mornings. The dreaded double M's lol!
The only thing which perks me up is getting immersed in my books. Sure there are things about the process which are my least favorite, one being edits. Once I finish a book I start at the beginning editing each chapter as I go, this can be time consuming, but wow, do you ever find the errors. Another big help is my beta readers who find the others that you, as the writer seem to be blind to.
So, with Dark Desire preparing for editing I'm very glad I have one in outlining stage while I'm plotting a new project which will be a stand alone book. Yep, no series on this one is in the works. I have two series right now and starting a third would be a bit much at the moment.
So what am I working on? the second book for The Guardians of Drakkan called Firestorm, due out in June and outlining the next book to the Dark Breed Enforcer. Dark Desire leaves things pretty tense and will need the next book ready to go as quickly as possible, since there is a lot going on in Zeke's book which, changes the whole dynamic of the books to come. That's all I'll say at the moment. After Dark Desire comes out then I will talk more about my Dark Breed Enforcer world.
I am plotting a contemporary to throw into the mix and hope to finish it this year, but we will just have to see how the muse works it out and yes, this is the one I'm planning on being a single least I'm not setting it up to be more than that.
In other news for you,I have a busy blog this week with this Book Hooks on Wednesday, a special guest chatting with me on Friday and my teaser on Sunday. I do plan on another blog on craft here real soon and just formulating what topic it will be on at the moment. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see just leave me a comment. Hell, leave me a comment to just say hi and I'll respond back. Well back to the keyboard, these books won't write themselves no matter how much I ask lol!
Have a great week and drop me a line. Tell me what you would like to see on my blog and I'll do my best to see it happen. Talk to you again on *shudder* Monday.
Have a great one.

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