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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Soul Fire #2 Sneak Peek -#MFRW

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Sexy dragon shape shifters and the women strong enough to tame their ravaging beasts. Today is another peek at my newest book to be released soon!
Soul Fire is a historical paranormal set in Britain in the early 1200's. As the book starts it's Beltane eve and Aslynn Durry has her hands full with a nasty bit of work. The village smith, William Andrews.
Sneak Peek:

Taking a long piece of white ribbon, she looped over their clasped hands and looked to the heavens. “Tonight we rejoice with the god and goddess. May they keep our lands fertile, our sheep fat and the harvest bountiful? Now go and show your respect to the gods.”
The women scattered their laughter mingling with the boisterous shouts of the men who chased after them into the fog-enshrouded woods. She could feel eyes boring into her back and stiffened, turning slowly to meet Williams’s hungry stare a nasty smile playing on his face.
“We seem to be quite alone.”
Aslynn’s muscles tensed further, her body aching from it. “I shan’t tell you again. Leave me be.”
“Ah, now that, I cannot do. You have only one choice open to you.” He drawled out, looking far too satisfied for her peace of mind.
“I am in no mood for your games. I am going home. Work your wiles upon a female more willing to receive your favors, for I am not.”
“Run.” He snarled, his dark eyes glinting with a dangerous light.


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