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The Romance Reviews

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Soul Fire -#3 Peek #SPeekSunday

Happy Sunday and welcome to another sneak peek Soul Fire, releasing in February and will be available in eBook.
What do you say when up against a god determined to save his children by any means possible?
Aslynn is soon to find out that her life will never be the same again.

Dear goddess, help me!
Aslynn fought to control the rising tide of magic crashing over her in a crushing wave. This felt unlike anything she experienced before, no gentle beckoning to wrap her into its folds in loving acceptance. No, this was dominating and ancient. A vast profound intelligence within its pulsing depths held her fast, threatening to swallow her sanity. She shrank from the omnipotent presence within the gyrating sphere of the mist, there at the heart of the power.
No, do not fret, daughter of Danu, you have nothing to fear. I wish a boon from your kind to save my people. Do you agree to this?
The voice deep and decidedly masculine thundered in her head, causing her temples to throb. Fear clawed through her and her gut clenched with rising nausea. Her skin burned from the alien magic enshrouding her, searing her as surely as a flame held to her skin.
“P…p…please release me,” she stuttered and cared not if she looked weak.
The power eased back as she fell to her knees upon the soft, cool grass, filling her lungs with sweet air, relishing the simple act of breathing.
I sense your potential child. You are of great import and the key to saving my children.”
Enjoy the other very talented authors who are offering up their sneak peeks for your pleasure.

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