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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Soul Fire Teaser for Sundays Peek

Coming January!
Like some dragons in your historicals? How about a few old gods and powerful magic? I have a new paranormal historical series coming out in January with drool worthy dragon shape shifters and the women strong enough to tame their ravaging beast.
Soul Fire is the first book in my new series The Guardians of Drakkan. Here is a little peek at the book which starts it all.
All for one female who didn’t exist.
He spread his wings wide, gliding in a lazy spiral toward the one spot, which gave him some solace against the demons raging deep within his breast. The glen by the mouth of the mountain’s entrance. A trickle of unease filtered through him as he spied fog covering his glen, an unnatural glow pulsing from within its depths.
Anger at the intrusion to his sacred space fed the fever burning his veins, the need to rend flesh, taste blood an overpowering enticement, threatening to tip him over the precipice into blood frenzy. The sound of a woman’s choked scream doused his ire as surely as a dousing of cold water. The unmistakable note of agony, unlike anything he could recall hearing before pierced his eardrums and with a roar, he tucked his wings close and arrowed toward the sound coming from the unnatural mist.
At the last moment, he spread his wings catching enough air to bring him effortlessly to the ground. Hind feet touched the earth, his claws sinking into the rich dirt to deter his forward momentum. Crispin shifted on a thought, gold sparks of energy surged around him. In a flash of exquisite pain, he transformed. His body twisted, bones snapping and his mass shrunk, skin replaced scales. Once again he resembled that of a human male.  His brow furled as he peered into the dense fog, his anger as sharp as a well-honed blade.
 “Who defiles my sanctuary?” His voice rang with authority into the glowing mist. “Speak now, or by Drakkan’s talon you shall have much to answer for.”
In reaction to his demand, the glowing fog cleared shying away from him to withdraw back into the woods and leaving the glen with the appearance of untouched serenity. The sound of water splashing over rocks filled the air, yet he heard none of its music as his gaze locked onto a pair of violet eyes.   
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